Frequently Asked Questions from our Clients

Question: What if I already have my own furniture that I want to use? Answer: Great news, we actually offer an integrated plan, which means that we can work with what you already own but integrate some additional furnishings to enhance the space to create an overall consistent look! Question: How does the payment work...Read More

Why Staging Improves The Value of your Property

From Forbes Magazine reveals that property staging is a key component in ensuring that your property can sell for a higher price, as results state “a staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a un-staged home (Forbes, 2022). Not only is the home likely to sell for a higher price, but at...

What is Property Styling and Staging?

At its core, styling or staging is the process of creating exceptionally curated spaces within a home. This process can occur in many situations, whether it be for permanent residential styling or styling to sell. According to research conducted by, agents state that “home styling for sale is a trend that we have noticed...Read More

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