5 Must Have’s When Staging A House For Sale

5 Must Have’s When Staging A House For Sale

Staging a house for sale

When it comes to interior styling that makes an impact, we’ve concluded that there are 6 main ‘must-haves’ when it comes to staging a house for sale on the market. Our stylists at Sell in Style Property Styling attest that each and every element listed below are a necessity for staging a home to best appeal to potential buyers and combining these elements in the right way will ensure the property remains on the market for less and sells for more.

  1. Greenery

    Although incorporating greenery falls under the category of ‘styling elements’, we at Sell in Style Property Styling believe it deserves its own paragraph! Greenery is really a must-have when styling a home because of its ability to add depth, colour, and ‘liveliness’ to the space. People often respond positively to greenery and incorporating various plants (both fake and/or real) throughout the home can really lift the mood and feel of the interior. Try a larger potted plant in your living room and a few smaller ones on the coffee table/bedside table to liven the space and add a homely, ‘natural’ feel to the property.

  2. Colour

    It may seem like an obvious one but for good reason. Colour is one of the most important incorporations and considerations when styling a home on the market because of its ability to totally transform the look, feel and mood of a space. For example, a home with timber interiors may benefit better from a warmer colour scheme such as a combination of crème, brown and orange/red tones. A crisp-white walled home on the other hand might benefit more from a selection of blues and greens to create a cool-toned, Hamptons-style look that adds depth and interest to the home. Either way, our stylists have you covered when it comes to selecting the right colours for the right spaces.

  3. Texture

    Texture is like the holy grail of interior design these days and our stylists at Sell in Style Property Styling have a serious eye for it. But why is it so necessary for home styling and what is the best approach when it comes to incorporating texture? Texture is an element that can really transform a space from ‘sterile’ and ‘plain’ to feeling ‘accomplished’ and ‘appealing’. Incorporating a combination of the right kinds of textures and colours can add depth, weight and tone to the space which consequently works to give the property a more homely, finished appeal.

  4. Décor

    Of course, décor is an absolute must for interior styling, and the best part is, there’s so many different decorative elements and accessories that can be chosen from to best suit the home’s interior. Décor adds excitement and beauty to a home and works with the property’s existing finishes to add dimension and appeal to the space. There’s all kind of décor style to choose from, including rustic, bohemian-themed pieces to more cool, contemporary elements. Our stylists are experts at selecting the right decorative elements for the home in order to showcase its best features and bring a sense of richness to the property being staged.

  5. Flow

    If you didn’t already know, ‘flow’ is a seriously important element of home styling and without it, a home would likely look mismatched and untidy. Our experienced stylists are trained in ensuring each and every element of styling and layout works together to create a quality, complete and visually appealing styling detail. From the moment a potential buyer walks into the home, our stylists want to ensure they are taken on a beautiful journey from start to finish to really evoke that ‘buyer’s emotion’ which will ultimately lead to a faster, more valuable sale.

For more information on the importance of staging your home for sale, or to book a quote, head to our website at sellinstyle.com.au or call us on 0432 436 567.

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