Elevate Your Property’s Appeal With Expert Styling

Elevate Your Property’s Appeal With Expert Styling

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Are you planning to stage your home in the Brisbane area? Have you thought about styling or staging your home? And did you know that it could be the difference between an average sale price and a terrific sale price? Styling and staging your home can elevate your property. Even doing all you can to improve curb appeal so it looks like it fell out of a magazine is working to elevate your property.

When you’ve gone to the extra effort of styling your property when it’s up for sale, it gives your buyers the impression that extra care has been taken. This results in potential buyers visualising themselves in the property as their new home.

What is styling?

Styling is the process of essentially ‘dressing up’ a property. It adds all the finishing touches you would find in a typical home. This can be anything from pillows, throw blankets, greenery, candles and anything in between. Styling extends to every area and space of your home, whether styling your dining table or bathroom.

Depending on what service of styling you are after will determine how much will need to go into the styling process. If your home is a new build, then you may need to look into styling for a new build in Brisbane and potentially the service of staging your home for sale. Newly built homes can often seem quite cold and clinical without any furniture. While this is great to move into, it doesn’t leave a great impression on potential buyers.

What does Sell In Style Property Styling do differently when styling my home in Brisbane?

When Sell in Style Property styles your home, we go into incredible detail about styling for the demographic in your area. We base our styling choices around what your potential buyer is looking for catering towards this. To assist even further in the process, we use elements such as RP data to help us in the process.

Our team also takes into consideration the colour palette that’s used for styling your home. We discuss whether to style your home with a neutral colour palette or a bold colour palette. It’s these details that ultimately affect your final sale price.

How does styling elevate your property in the Brisbane area?

Styling your home in Brisbane is key to elevating your property and putting it as the potential buyer’s first choice. However, styling your property yourself or working with a company like Sell In Style, property styling has the power to do so much more than that. We’ve listed below just some of the ways that styling can elevate your property.

Increases the appeal

If you’ve ever been into an unstaged or new build home, you’ll know it’s hard to imagine yourself living it. It can feel cold and somewhat awkward. It’s hard to visualise how you could use the space, and as a result of this, you don’t develop an emotional connection to the property. However, when the property is styled, you’re able to see the possibilities that it holds and the potential. As a result of this, it increases the appeal.

Adds warmth

Just like styling increases the visual appeal, it also adds warmth. Often when we style homes in the Brisbane area, the bones and floorplan are great, yet harsher materials have been brought in if they are left unstyled. Adding warmth is a great way to put buyers at ease, allowing them to relax and enjoy their time during the walk-through or showing off your property. Creating a warm and welcoming environment for potential buyers is just another way that you can tug on their heartstrings.

An investment in your marketing

When you put your home onto the Brisbane property market, you invest in your marketing. However, when you go the extra step and invest in a home, having your home styled or styling it yourself, you’re investing in your marketing. With the huge amount of properties on the market, styling and staging your home can be the difference between being noticed and being ignored.

Highlight all of the best areas

Styling has the incredible power to draw attention to whatever area in your home you want to highlight. This can be anything from emphasising your kitchen island or taking full advantage of indoor and outdoor living. You can use the styling element to focus on all of your home’s positives and unique selling points.

In addition to this, you can do the opposite and conceal any scruffs or marks. While you certainly don’t want to deceive anyone, this is a great way to disguise areas and allow the buyer to focus on all the positives.

It enhances the perception of your home’s value

Expert styling instantly increases the perception of your home’s value. This is something incredibly valuable when trying to stand out amongst other homes. By creating a home that has an interest, curb appeal, and naturally looks excellent, you’re instantly increasing the perception of value. If a home looks well-kept and styled, potential buyers immediately think it’s worth more than it is, allowing you to get a higher sale price.

Final Thoughts

Styling your property in the Brisbane area is one way to ensure it is at the top of buyers’ minds when searching for their forever home. It elevates your property to give them a reason to visit the open home and enquire.

If you’re interested in our styling services, then get in touch with our friendly team. We have over seven years of experience and are constantly keeping up to date with the latest styling trends. In addition, we offer a range of services, styling terms and budget friendly options to suit you and your needs. However, if you’re not ready to dive head first into having your property styled, stay up to date with us on Instagram and read our blogs for the latest information.

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