Frugal Ideas for Staging a Home for Sale

Frugal Ideas for Staging a Home for Sale

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When you’re staging your home for sale in the Brisbane property market, you have two options that you can choose for your staging journey. Either give DIY a crack and unleash your inner interior designer, or you can choose to invest with a Brisbane leading Home Staging company like Sell in Style Property Styling.

For those looking to go down the DIY path, we’re here for it. While we believe that investing in home staging is the way to go, we understand that budgets can sometimes get in the way. So these are our top 4 cost-saving tips and tricks to help you stage your home like the pros.

Pick And Choose Where To Splurge

When trying to be frugal, be selective about where you choose to spend your money. Avoid items like brand-new appliances, excess cushions and even brand-new curtains. These don’t necessarily add any value to your sale price and leave you with a dent in your wallet. Instead, work with what you’ve got, highlighting the selling points in your home.

Avoid Purchasing New Styling Items

We love the finishing touches; they truly make the most powerful difference when styling a home for sale. They can also be the thing that influences purchase decisions and is usually the difference between an average sale price and a great sale price.

But if you’re looking to keep costs low, avoid purchasing brand new styling items. These can often be costly purchases and can add up way too quickly. Instead, look for items around your home that you can clean, upcycle and repurpose. We recommend adding greenery to each space, and if you want to stay within your budget, stick to purchasing smaller plants. Grab a few coffee table books to match, and you’ll be good to go!

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces, while they’re not necessary for every home, they’re a great addition when you are styling for sale. If you’re looking to stick within your budget, look for features in your home that already stand out. Think of features like an island bench, an indoor fireplace, or a backyard deck. You can use these features as styling points and let them shine. But if you want to invest in a few statement items, pick one or two so you can stick within your budget.

Avoid Anything Trendy

While we love seeing all the trends that come and go, they often don’t resonate with potential buyers plus they come with a premium price tag and . And you can be left with a few trendy pieces that you don’t completely love for your next home. When styling and staging your home for sale, stick with a neutral, light colour palette that can lend itself throughout the entire home.

What Next?

If you’re still unsure about how you can style your home to achieve the best sale price possible, get in touch with us to organise a free consultation from our styling experts. They’ll talk you through all the possibilities and run through how the process works. But if you’re looking to stay frugal, we’ve got plenty of blog posts, along with our Instagram, that is filled with all the information you could need.

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