How Long Are Our Property Styling Service Terms?

How Long Are Our Property Styling Service Terms?

8 Week Styling Service Terms

It’s no secret that the property market is on the change with increasing property selling prices and time spent on the market stretching to longer periods. At Sell in Style Property Styling, we understand that changing times can be stressful for homeowners looking to change or adapt their homes quickly, efficiently and for the best sale price possible, so we’ve made a permanent change to the length of our styling service terms to better support the process of selling a home. These changes will inherently mean less stress and more affordable options for the selling agent/homeowner.

As one of Brisbane’s leading property styling services, we pride ourselves on our affordable prices, generous term lengths and our dedication to ensuring each and every one of our client’s has a truly positive experience with the company from the start to finish. At Sell in Style Property Styling, we now offer 8-week styling terms, which is essentially 4 weeks paid services and 4 weeks free.

What are the benefits of an 8-week styling term?

Less stress & pressure to sell the home

Offering an 8-week styling term to our client’s reaps a number of invaluable benefits for the homeowner/selling agent. For one, offering a prolonged styling term at no extra cost means big savings, less stress and reduced pressure for the homeowner and relevant selling agent. Time goes fast, especially when it comes to selling property, and styling terms can often be up before you know it which can be a serious issue if the house hasn’t yet sold.

No extra cost on an additional 2 weeks

The large majority of home staging companies in Brisbane offer a four week + two weeks free (six weeks in total) styling service term. At Sell in Style Property Styling, we continue to reiterate that we are working with the client, for the client, to achieve the best possible outcome. That’s why we are dedicated to providing a professional, top-class service that lasts longer and requires no additional fees. Despite being confident that the homes, in fact, sell faster and for a much higher selling price during the 8-week styling term provided, we want to ensure homeowners/agents have the peace of mind of the fixed 2-month term and price in the case that the property doesn’t sell within the first two-four weeks as hoped.

As it stands, our current property styling packages are as follows:

It should be noted that the above package prices are subject to change depending on the client/agent’s individual requests, inclusions/exclusions etc. We will often tailor our styling prices for properties outside of the package requirements.

For further details, please contact us on 0432 436 567 or head to our website at

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