How to Stage a House for Sale While Living in it

How to Stage a House for Sale While Living in it

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Staging a home in Brisbane‘s beautiful location while you’re still living in it can be tricky. It’s all about finding the right combination between having it beautifully styled and, well, everyday living.

Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, we help style your home and get it ready for sale. Typically a house will be on the market for around two to four weeks. During this time, you’re still living in the home, which can make it hard to combine having your home walk-through ready and still going about your daily routine. Sell In Style Property Styling has put together our best tips and tricks so you can enjoy the last few weeks in your home while still having it look open house ready!


Decluttering is one of the big game-changers! It’s what can make a huge difference that can transform you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to relaxed.

Once you know that you’ll be selling your home, take the time to declutter and depersonalise. Make an effort to pack up things that you know you won’t be needing for the next two to four weeks. To make this process easier on yourself, start ahead of time, so when it comes to staging or styling your home for sale, it’s one extra thing checked off your to-do list.

Keep It Minimal, But Impactful

If you’ve chosen to style your home yourself or you’re considering our services keeping the styling choices to a minimum is the best way to go. Take your couch, for example. If you’ve got a large family and enjoy watching some TV each night (who doesn’t?!), then styling your couch with thousands of cushions isn’t worth it. So instead, opt for a few more oversized cushions and a throw blanket. This way, you’re still achieving the impact of styling, but it doesn’t come with the added effort.

Talk To Us

Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, our team of experts will work with you to offer styling services that are manageable for you and your lifestyle.

During your consultation with us, we’ll talk about your lifestyle, if you have pets, children and how often you’re in and out of the home. For example, if you work from home, we’ll consider how we can keep your office intact while going through the selling process.

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What Now?

Styling your home while living in it can often be overwhelming. However, Sell In Style Property Styling knows how to work with you to make the transition stress-free. We offer a variety of packages and budgets to suit all of our clients. In addition, we also offer eight-week styling terms with the option of extra styling terms when needed. So get in touch with our friendly team today and discover how we can help you achieve that ultimate sale price.

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