Part 1: Our Favourite Furniture Stores to Buy From When Styling Your Home in Brisbane

Part 1: Our Favourite Furniture Stores to Buy From When Styling Your Home in Brisbane

Home Staging

If you’re planning to stage your house for sale in Brisbane, then you may have fallen down the trap of scrolling through your favourite furniture stores’ Instagram accounts and trust us, we’ve been there. Here at Sell In Property Styling in Brisbane, we stage properties all the time, so we’re constantly looking out for inspiration and new pieces of furniture to keep our staged homes looking and feeling fresh. Our team stages over 600 600 properties a year, and with this, we’re always buying furniture, so we thought it was only fair to put together a two-part series of our favourite furniture to buy when styling property in Brisbane.

Elm Living

Starting out our list is Elm Living. These guys specialise in vessels, and smaller furniture pieces such as side tables and coffee tables but are known for their fake florals. Vessels and vases are fantastic when you’re trying to fill a space or add detail to a corner or coffee table. When we stage property in Brisbane, we’re obsessed with using greenery and undoubtedly use it within all of our instals. However, we try not to mix faux and real plants. This can look mismatched, so our team always heads to Elm Living when we use faux flowers or plants. 

Another reason why we love this brand so much is because of the wide range of artwork that they provide. Artwork is a huge factor when property styling in Brisbane. When property styling, you want to fill a space so that it’s warm and inviting. Artwork is just one way to create this kind of environment. Elm Living has artwork that combines warm and cool colours when house styling in Brisbane.


Next up on our list of favourite furniture for property styling in Brisbane is IsAlbi’s. Our team is truly obsessed with this brand as they stock just about anything and everything that you can think of. When property styling in Brisbane, our team always looks at the demographics of the area and styles with this in mind. As a result, we often have to buy specific pieces. When we do, Isalbi is the place to go. They stock a wide range of brands, making it easy to style any property.

In Particular, we love using their products when styling the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and when we’re styling with emotion in mind, this is one area we focus heavily on. Creating a space and atmosphere where your potential buyers can visualise themselves in the space and, even better, using the space helps to pull on those heartstrings and pull buyers in.

Coast To Coast

If we ever need a selection of furniture that’s tonal, stylish and sleek, our team heads to Coast To Coast. Like us, Coast To Coast is an Australian-owned, family business that we love supporting where we can. Their brand and overall vibe are all about creating a cosy environment without losing the stylish elements. When property styling in Brisbane, our team loves to use coloured glass and all of their smaller pieces when putting together a coffee table.

Coastal styling is something that our team specialises in. We love using white as a base colour and adding various tonal colours to build a cohesive colour palette, keeping in mind the principles of interior design. Using the colour white also enhances your property’s overall look and feel. It’s a blank canvas to start with so that you can build on with colour, texture and your favourite styling pieces. 


If you’re selling your home in the Brisbane area and are tackling the job of property styling on your own, then you may have taken a trip or two to Freedom. Freedom is one of our favourite furniture stores to draw inspiration and purchase from. Not only is Freedom great for styling your property, but it’s also fantastic to purchase furniture from once you’ve moved in. Their ranges are huge, and they are constantly bringing out new pieces, which is perfect if you want to stay on trend. Although being on trend isn’t always needed when selling your house in Brisbane, taking a few on-trend items and mixing this with what you already have is a great way to add some interest to your property.

How can I incorporate these brands when styling my home in Brisbane?

When property styling in Brisbane, you need to consider who your potential buyer is and create an environment where they’ll feel relaxed. From our experience, when your potential buyers in Brisbane feel relaxed, they tend to envision themselves living within the property. 

Creating a comfortable and inviting environment is all about adding the finishing touches. Whether that be styling your kitchen or adding rugs and texture into every room. How you choose to do this will vary based on where you’re at within the selling journey.

If, however, you are getting stressed about the process, consider working with a property stylist in the Brisbane area. How to find the perfect property stylist for your project will depend on your needs and styling terms. Yet a lot of the brands that are our favourites aren’t available to the public, so this is something to keep in mind when searching for interior design inspiration.

Final Thoughts

It’s inevitable that when we style property in Brisbane, we naturally have a few favourite furniture stores. Property styling is all about making your potential buyers feel calm and relaxed within a space, so purchasing furniture that helps to make this happen is key.

If you’re interested in property styling in the Brisbane area, get in touch with our friendly team. With over seven years of experience in the industry, our team will help create a property that your buyers will love so you can get that terrific sale price you’re after. In the meantime, to see all the latest work, follow us on social media and read our blogs for all of the insider information.

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