Room by Room Guide to Staging Your Home

Room by Room Guide to Staging Your Home

If you are planning to go down the route of styling your home for sale on your own, then the best way to go about it is room by room. Whether you’re struggling with living room or dining room styling, breaking down the process takes the overwhelm away.

For those who haven’t staged a property before, it can be an overwhelming process, especially when you are in the middle of buying a new home. But never fear. Our team here at Sell In Style, Property Styling is coming to the rescue with all of the tips and tricks you need to know about styling your home room by room.

Living Room

Starting with the living room, for the majority of properties in Brisbane, this is going to be the largest area in the home. It’s where you want to add in as much warmth and create an inviting environment as you can. Living room staging is crucial to get right so buyers feel right at home when they walk through the door.

How you go about living room staging will ultimately depend on the size and configuration. Of course, the larger the space, the more furniture you’ll need. However, the main elements of a living are usually a rug, artwork, a beautifully styled coffee table, lighting and greenery. If your living room is the larger size, be sure to use rugs and textured elements such as throw blankets and pillows to bring texture into the space.

Dining Room

Dining room staging is where you can pull on your buyers’ heartstrings. The dining room and kitchen are where people will usually have the biggest emotional connection as it’s where memories are made with families and friends.

When looking at your dining room, avoid a fully set table. For the majority of us, this isn’t how we realistically eat dinner each night. Setting the table can leave buyers feeling restricted. Instead, style your dining room table and use the principles of interior design. Work in threes to incorporate height. Some great go-to styling pieces we love are flowers, greenery, a fruit bowl and serving spoons.


Similar to the dining room, the kitchen is where you can allow buyers to develop an emotional connection with the home. Your kitchen benchtop is usually one of the first things that buyers notice in a kitchen. Styling this doesn’t need to be over-complicated. Instead, it’s better to be minimal and simple with your staging efforts. When you style your kitchen, style with items that are usually within arm’s reach; this could be anything from decorative cookbooks, salt and pepper or even a mortar and pestle.

If you have a walk-in pantry within your home for sale, then there’s plenty that you can do to create an Insta-worthy pantry. What’s great about styling your pantry is that, for the most part, it usually takes some good cleaning and decluttering. How full your pantry is will depend on whether you are living in your home when selling; if not, then you can style until your heart’s content.


How to style a master bedroom is all about pulling in the right kind of elements. The main elements that we use in all bedrooms are a bed, matching bedside tables, lamps, a corner chair, artwork and a rug. All of these pieces work together to create a realistic bedroom setting. After you’ve filled the room with these pieces, you can then get to adding the finishing touches and styling pieces. This could be styling your bedside tables or adding extra pillows to fill up the space.


Particularly for newly built homes, the bathroom is usually known to come with a cold feeling, compared to other parts of the home where it’s usually warm and cosy. To create that feeling of warmth, the bathroom must be filled with soft textures and a scented candle, one of the biggest kept secrets. These small elements can give your bathroom a makeover to create a beautiful and relaxing space. When in doubt, keep the bathroom minimal. The existing elements will do their job of filling up the room.


More often than not, the facade gets forgotten about when really it’s what can make the biggest impression of all. First impressions in real estate have a massive amount of impact and can eventually affect the decisions of your potential buyers. Although your facade isn’t necessarily a room within your home, it should be treated the same as those inside the house. To create a facade with curb appeal, you want to first clean up all existing elements. This can be anything from cleaning exterior windows or mowing the lawn. Once you’ve cleaned everything up, you can then introduce elements such as lighting and styling pieces.

Final Thoughts

When styling your home in the Brisbane area, going through room by room allows you to tackle each room at once, avoiding any chances of becoming overwhelmed during the styling process. When in doubt, go with the rule of thumb that less is more. When too much is added to a space, it can feel cluttered. If, however, you’re happy to leave the staging to someone else, then get in touch with us. Our team is dedicated to creating styled and staged homes that appeal to your ideal buyer. We work towards a range of budgets and styling terms. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, follow us on social media or read through our blogs for the latest.

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