Staging Smarts: Tech Innovations for Modern Home Selling

Staging Smarts: Tech Innovations for Modern Home Selling

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With it being the year 2023, we’ve seen 1,000,001 modern innovations in home staging Real Estate and almost every facet of our lives. It’s no secret that technology plays a huge part in our day-to-day lives. It’s something that slowly evolved to become a part of our homes. Technology is something that we practically can’t live without and is becoming more common in homes. When looking to utilise modern home staging, why not use technology to your advantage? Although using smart technology isn’t a must in staging your home in the Brisbane area, it’s certainly something that can attract a certain crowd of buyers and leave you with a terrific sale price. Today we are diving headfirst into taking innovations for modern home selling.

Tech innovations for modern home staging

When looking to achieve that feeling of a modern home through staging, it’s no wonder that tech is involved. Smart homes are all the rage, and we can see why people are intrigued by them. Listed below are just a few smart innovations that can be added to your home to achieve the ultimate modern home.

Smart Thermostats

No matter what area of Brisbane you live in, we can say for certain you’ve definitely felt the Summer heat. As much as we love Summer, we love coming home to an air-conditioned home even more. Smart thermostats are controlled by an app on your phone. This means when you are out for the day and know you’re coming home in half an hour or so, you can turn your air conditioner on with the touch of a button.

Security Cameras And Systems

Depending on where you live and the type of possessions that you own, investing in security cameras and systems might be a possibility. For those who are conscious of their belongings, having a security camera and system installed is also a great selling point, particularly with modern home staging. We have seen an increase in security cameras and overall systems to keep families safe and well. While this might not be for everyone, they are a value add when selling your home.

Automated Skylights

For anyone who is a fan of interior design, staging or styling you’ll know that many skylights are loved by the design community. They make a huge amount of difference to areas of the home and are a great substitution for letting light in without compromising privacy. But what’s even better about skylights is automated skylights. Automated skylights are controlled by a remote, which enables a cover over the light. This is a huge value add in a home when going for a modern look and feel.

Smart Lighting

Similar to smart thermostats, smart lighting is a great investment for modern home staging. Smart lighting can be controlled through your phone. This is a perfect solution to come home to after a night out with friends or even adjusting the light within the room.

Automated Blinds

For those homes that are blessed with beautiful natural light, automated blinds could be key to modern home staging. Automated blinds make any home feel luxurious and modern, particularly making a big difference to smaller homes. With a touch of a button, you can let all of that beautiful natural light into your home. This is ideal when staging your home or highlighting large windows as a focal point to your potential buyer when selling.

Who is the best person to speak to about your modern house staging?

When staging and styling your home in the Brisbane area, it’s so important to consult a professional home staging company. Whether you choose a company like Sell In Style Property Styling or someone in the local Brisbane area, they will be able to give you their expert advice on what we’re spending your money on and what’s worth leaving for the new homeowners.

In addition to this, if you’re looking to make a few smart investments prior to selling, chat with your real estate agent before you do. Some smart innovations have much more value than others. A great example of this is having automated blinds all throughout the home. In addition to this, having automated outdoor blinds for a patio or outdoor dining area is a great way to add tech to your modern home. If you’re ever in doubt about what will add value, your Real Estate agent will be able to give you a professional opinion on what’s worth it and what’s not.

Is it worth adding in tech innovations when staging your home?

As much as we love the novelty of a smart home, it’s certainly not something that everyone can afford or need. You can still achieve modern home staging without adding all of the tech.
When we work with clients in the Brisbane area, we’re always conscious of the budget. Our team understands that when you sell a home, there are a lot of surprising costs along the way, so keeping your additional costs low is always helpful. While we firmly believe that staging is an absolute must of an investment. You can have your staged modern beautifully without blowing your budget.

Final Thoughts

Tech is always around, and if anything, it’s going to become more prevalent in our everyday lives. When looking to stage a modern home, these innovations are always a great addition but certainly not a must. Home staging is all about making your buyers feel at home, creating that sense of attachment to a property. This is done through styling and staging with your ideal buyer in mind.

Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, this is what we do best. Our team uses RP data to discover who the demographic of your ideal buyer is and styles with them in mind. From using, we create spaces that feel warm and inviting. No matter if you need a new build or an established home staged, our team can help. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities. In the meantime, follow us on social media and read through our blogs for the latest.

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