The Facade, How to Create a Beautiful Entrance for Potential Buyers in Brisbane

The Facade, How to Create a Beautiful Entrance for Potential Buyers in Brisbane

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No matter if you’re property styling in Brisbane or walking the streets, chances are you’ve made a first impression on a home the minute you look at the facade. A home’s facade in Brisbane can either get potential buyers through the door or leave them ignoring your property for sale. It’s our first impression and usually our first judgement when purchasing a home.

At Sell In Style Property Styling, as much as we focus on styling property for sale in Brisbane, we also do what we can to ensure the home’s facade is styled and staged. However, if you’re looking to style your home for sale, how to create a beautiful entrance for your buyers is much easier than you might think, and we promise it doesn’t involve having to paint your whole home.

Why your facade is important when selling your home in Brisbane

After scrolling on, once your potential buyers arrive at your Brisbane property, the facade is the first impression. It’s what they base their judgement on and usually gives them a hint of what’s to come. By making a good impression, buyers instantly become intrigued and excited about what’s going to be inside the home.

To keep your facade looking like it belongs with the inside of the home, keep things consistent. This is where the principles of interior design come in, and it also means staying on theme with a similar colour scheme. When you style your home in Brisbane completely differently on the outside rather than inside, it can leave buyers feeling jarred and a little confused.

How to create a beautiful facade in Brisbane when selling your home

Whether you’re looking to DIY and be frugal in your staging efforts or have hired an external company like Sell In Style, staging your facade is worth it. With just a few adjustments, you can have it looking like it fell out of a magazine in no time.


Depending on what time your property in Brisbane is being shown, lighting will have a huge impact. Internal and external lighting is a massive part of interior design, which our team feels incredibly passionate about. Lighting will either enhance a space or make it look worse than it actually is. It completely transforms a room or facade to highlight features and create an ambience. Particularly if your home is being shown at night, ensure your sconces are turned on, or if you don’t have any, grab one or two to help light it up.

Keep it cohesive

As we mentioned above, keeping your facade with what’s inside cohesive will make a lasting impression on buyers. For example, if you plan on styling your home in a Hamptons-style theme, then do this when styling your facade. Cohesion and unity are all about repeating elements, shapes, colours or patterns. Doing so creates an overall harmonious look for your prospective buyer in Brisbane.

A good first impression is a clean first impression

As much as there is plenty you could add to your property in Brisbane, having a clean facade is key to making a good impression. Oftentimes, for a newer build home, a good clean is all they need to be sale-ready in Brisbane.

Cleaning can mean a multitude of different things for different homes. It might be investing to pressure wash your driveway or simply mowing the lawns. We recommend taking the weekend before the auction or opening to really give your facade (and ideally the entirety of the outside of your home) a good clean.

Create a dedicated seating area

How you style your property in Brisbane is completely different to how you actually use the property. A great example of this is property styling in Brisbane. Our team will always create a dedicated seating area on the facade. Although our clients don’t necessarily sit out there or haven’t used their homes like this, we’re appealing to potential buyers so they can envision themselves in the space. Creating a dedicated seating area with comfy chairs, pillows, and a throw blanket adds a sense of softness to what can usually be perceived as a cold and harsh space.


Landscaping is one of the many weekend jobs you can do yourself to help improve the value of your property. Again, it’s important to understand that when your property is styled in Brisbane, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a terrific sale price. Simply refreshing a few plants or adding some greenery to your facade can transform the entire entrance.

Keep it neutral

When you’re looking at what colours to style your property with in Brisbane, you want to keep it neutral. Property styling and staging are all about appealing to your ideal buyer. However, on a broader level, you want to appeal to ‘everyone’. When looking at your facade, it can be tempting to paint the front door a bright colour or go bold with some tiles, specifically when selling. We always recommend our clients to avoid this. Investing money into bold colour choices can do the opposite and deter buyers from enquiring about your property in Brisbane. Instead, keep your colour palette neutral and add a few pops of colour here or there.

Final Thoughts

Emotions in real estate truly make an impact, and your property’s facade is no exception. Whether you plan to transform your home independently or are looking for a company like Sell In Style Property Styling to help, the facade makes more of an impression than you might think.

If you’re interested in having your facade and entire property in Brisbane styled, get in touch with our friendly team. With over seven years of experience in the property industry, we look at who your target buyer is and do everything we can to style with them in mind. However, in the meantime, if you’re seeking inspiration, follow us on social media for the latest or read through our blogs for all the insider information.

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