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Everything You Need to Know About Property Styling and Staging

Not sure what to expect when working with a property stylist or stager? Our FAQ page has all the answers you need! From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, we’ll guide you through every step of the process.

How long does property styling in Brisbane take?

All depending on the size of the property, on average 3-4 hours

How soon can Sell in Style Property Styling style my property for sale?

We try our best to work in with the homeowner’s launch plan and timelines.

We work very comfortably with 1-2 weeks notice however can work on much tighter times if required.

The more notice we get the better prepared we can be with the property brief, selections and smooth delivery.

Is it cheaper to use my previous furniture?

The homeowner can save money by using existing pieces, however we are focused on what is going to be the best presentation for the homeowner’s property and sometimes existing pieces aren’t what is best for the perception of the property or the space they are in.

Why is the cost high when I’m using my own furniture?

When it comes to styling a house for sale, integrated staging requires a lot of time, attention and detail to ensure that we are pulling together the right pieces and uplifting the space

Our service is not necessarily a hire service of furniture and décor, but rather a house staging installation service with the best in mind to highlight the homeowner’s space to have maximum appeal to their buyers and increase the property sale price.

Do you do photography?

Yes, we do offer photography and videography packages for an additional fee

How many stylists come to my property ?

Depending on the size of the property usually 1-2 stylists attend each job

In most cases the home stylist/s is accompanied by 2-3 logistic team members

Overall 3 to 5 team members depending on the homeowner’s needs and the size of the property

Can you move my furniture?

We can move furniture and store on site at the property (garages, storage rooms, containers, etc) at an additional charge and with notice

2 days notice is required for the movement of furniture to ensure our team has the correct timings and resources to accommodate

We do not transport or store off-site

All pieces to be moved must be empty of contents (i.e. draws, cabinets)

Are you a furniture hire company?

No, we don’t just hire our furniture. As a leading Brisbane home staging service, our service includes putting together a brief and selecting the stock to suit the homeowner’s property specifically. It includes delivery and set-up costs and covers the pieces incorporated as a full service.

We don’t simply hire a rug or a single piece of furniture

If I use my own lamps and floor rug will this reduce the cost of the quote?

Our goal is to increase the potential selling price of the client/homeowner’s property so if we recommend changing something out it is because we believe that it will enhance the space more than what is there already.

Our pricing is not calculated by item but more so on the room as a whole and what it needs to make a positive impact that converts into an increased profit for the seller.

Can you store my furniture and remove for me if required?

We can move furniture and store on-site at an additional charge and with notice

We do not transport or store off-site

Do you install on the weekends?

No, we install Monday – Friday

How long will I have the staging furniture and accessories at my property for?

Our contract is for 8 weeks (4 weeks paid and 4 weeks FREE) or until the property contract is sold unconditionally – whichever comes first.

If we do not sell can we extend?

Yes, 10 days prior to the client’s contract ending we will send the homeowner a courtesy email to advise that the contract is coming to an end. In this email, there are options for discounted extensions.

The client can extend for:

  • – Weekly
  • – 4 weeks
  • – 6 weeks
  • – 8 weeks

If we sell sooner than 8 weeks do we get a discount/refund of the total invoice cost?

No, our packages are inclusive of up to 8 weeks including selections, delivery and set-up fees. We do not offer refunds if collected prior to the 8-week term.

Do I need to style the whole property?

No, in some cases focusing on the key highlights of the property is sufficient enough to still achieve a good outcome

Considerations around budget, sale price expectations, property condition and market competition can help determine if the whole property should be styled or not.

If I can only afford partial property staging, what are the main areas and rooms you would recommend styling and why?

Living, dining, master, outdoor. These are the areas we spend the most time in and have most perceived value to buyers.

Do you need to know my carpets, wall, floor paints colours? (if the property if still being built/ renovated etc.)

Yes, it can help us to understand the colour pallet we are working with for our furniture selections.

We are experts in our field – homeowners are not required to wait until all painting is done or carpets are installed to have us at the property, we just need to know the colours that are going to be used or an image of the texture used on the floors.

Do you have outdoor plants for staging?

No, our artificial plants are not UV rated and therefore can’t be left outside.

If required on a balcony or outdoor position, they must be moved inside while the property is not open for viewing

Do you have real plants for staging?

No, we use high-end quality artificial plants

Real plants can be sourced however they come at an additional cost and service which doesn’t necessarily give the homeowner a good return on investment.

What insurance do you have? What happens if there are some damages to the furniture or accessories?

We are fully insured for theft on forced entry

We are insured for any damages resulting from our team moving furniture in and out of the homeowner’s property

We are NOT insured for any damages as a result of pets or children and these incidents are rectified at the client’s expense

Can we still sleep/ live in the property once staged if required?

Yes, the furniture installed can be used

With the bedding, it is recommended that this be removed and stored away and set up only for photography and open homes

Any accidents/damages that occur as a result of the owner should be reported to SIS immediately so that appropriate action can be taken to rectify

Do you price beat/price compare?

Yes, we have a price match policy where we will match a quote item for an item

How much notice do I need to give to collect the furniture?

At least 3 days notice is required for collection of staging

Who will arrange access keys to the property prior to installation?

Depending on the installation timings keys may be requested to collect the day prior to installation

Lockboxes and meeting us onsite for access are also common arrangements

Do I need to cover up or bring inside any outdoor furniture to protect from bad weather?

Consideration is given to outdoor furniture selected and we don’t install any pieces that can’t withstand the weather

Can I keep my artwork/mirrors/pictures on the walls?

We recommend removing personal photographs and mementos

We are trying to create a consistent and cohesive story within the space which is neutral and easy for the majority of buyers to see themselves living in the space – in most cases, this means removing all existing artwork as it can be too difficult to create the right story with existing pieces.

Will you use my current hooks for hanging artwork?

We prefer to use our own hooks to hang artwork. This way we know the weight capabilities of these.

Should I remove and patch existing hooks and holes?

Yes, the homeowner should remove any existing hooks from walls and if possible patching is recommended.

What type of hooks do you use for minimal marks?

Depending on the weight of the artwork, we use hooks and nails in most cases and a claw system for heavier pieces.

These leave 2 very small nail marks on the walls.

For bricks/masonry, we use masonry wall plugs

Do you patch the holes once artwork is removed?

No, we remove any hooks which do leave a small un-noticeable hole and we leave any wall plugs installed on the walls (if used).

Do you clean the property?

No, for maximum impact it is recommended to have the property cleaned the day prior to the installation

Do you carry vacuums and wipes to clear any mess made whilst staging?

Yes, our team carry vacuums and cleaning equipment. At the end of the installation, they will spot clean furniture, rugs and floors as required.

Who arranges photos once styled? Can you do our photography/videography?

Photography is usually arranged by the homeowner’s sales agent.

We offer photography and videography services at an additional cost. This needs to be arranged at least 3 days prior to installation.

Can we use our own linen?

Yes, although it’s best if the linen is white or a light neutral colour. Just let our home stylists know on the day and make sure it’s clean.

Can you use my TV and TV unit to showcase a living area?

Yes, we can use the homeowner’s TV in most cases. Depending on the TV unit’s size, colour and style we may suggest swapping it out if it is better for the space.

What actually is home styling/what is it that you do?

Property styling for sale or otherwise known as home staging is about preparing a property for its potential sale through the introduction of furniture and décor to increase its marketability and make it more appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers

How does staging help sell me property?

Improves marketability

Increase the amount of interest and foot traffic

Decreases time on the market

Increases sale price

Do you recommend having an extra bedroom or study?

This changes depending on a few factors including:

  • – Buyers’ demographic
  • – How many bedrooms already exist on the property
  • – The size and flow of the space

What would be the bare minimum I would stage

Depending on the property and the sales expectation this can change from property to property.

As a minimum in most properties, we would recommend staging all living spaces, dining, master bedroom and outdoor

How much does Brisbane home staging/ can you give me a rough cost?

All cost depends on the size and scale of the property

Check out our blog page, we have created a complete blog to answer this question

We have created Property Styling packages that help answer this question, see our packages page for associated costs

What is the first step in the process?

The first step is for us to view the property to get an understanding of the space, whether this is virtually through photos/facetime or in person. Then we would prepare a written proposal based on what would be the ideal presentation of the property.

What are the payment terms?

We require 50% to secure the booking time then the balance is due 7 days after installation.

Can I choose the pieces or the brief for the property?

We are a property staging service, not an interior design service where we are sourcing specifically for the space. Instead, we are staging to engage with as many of the homeowner’s potential buyers as possible.

We are always happy to try and work with certain requirements if time and resources are available to deliver.