Integrated Property Styling

Integrated Property Styling Brisbane

Strengthen the value and appeal of your integrated property on the market.


Effective integrated property styling in Brisbane means using ingenuity to bring together existing and new furnishings so that they blend seamlessly. This is what Sell In Style excels at doing. Our method of integrated interior design ensures that all rooms, spaces, and detached areas of a property match aesthetically to have a uniform theme and design. This includes home staging the bathroom which many homeowners often overlook.

Integrated property styling is done by utilising existing and new furniture of the same material and finish, same or similar lighting fixtures, elements that connect with wall colours or wallpapers, improving areas with floor rugs and/or connecting the space with textures and colour relative to wall art and the like. This enhanced home styling has made every project we undertake sell successfully.

Having a team of design specialists who have a keen eye for detail, years of exposure to various design inspirations and scenarios, and access to the highest quality materials from the best manufacturers and suppliers in Australia, we can design, plan, and implement the most seamless integrated property styling solutions.

  • Achieve Maximum Sales Price – At Sell In Style, we are experts at pulling together all the elements to highlight the best selling features of a property. A styled property improves the quality of marketing content which generates more interest in the property online resulting on increase the number of offers and driving up the price.
  • Drive Foot Traffic and Interest In Your Listing – We take the time to understand the buyer’s demographics and style the property to appeal to the majority of buyers in the area. By appealing to the lifestyle aspirations of the buyer, this generates more foot traffic and interest in the property.
  • Reduce Time On The Market – A styled property generates more interests in the listing, therefore, it is more likely to sell faster and for a higher price than a comparable un-styled home.
  • Evoke Buyer’s Emotion – Our focus is to create emotional appeal so that the buyers can fall in love with the property. An emotionally connected buyer is more willing to act fast and pay a premium price.

Integrated property styling’s main purpose is to make people want to buy and live in your home by showcasing how consistently well-designed and implemented all the aspects of your property are. This shows the potential buyer that the house was well taken care of as well as livable and comfortable enough to bought at the selling price that you want!

Having developed a wide range of truly effective techniques, we have the amazing capability of styling any home no matter the size, complexity, or location and make it look immaculate. We know what buyers want and we can apply all our knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get full return on investment and even more!


Highly Skilled & Experienced Team – With over 7 years of experience, our property stylists help you sell faster with customised staging that targets your potential buyers. Leave us the keys and we’ll take care of the whole staging process.

Easy Payment Option – We understand there are a lot of expenses when it comes to selling a property. Therefore, we have created affordable options to accommodate your circumstances. We offer flexible payment options, contact us for more details about payment options.