Property Styling

Property Styling Brisbane

Discover how property styling can increase the value of your home listing.


For aesthetically appealing property styling Brisbane property owners can look forward to, call Sell In Style. We have been styling properties to improve the look, feel, and style of the interiors and exteriors of the property being put up for sale by adding furnishings that will best suit the home. This “staged” display home styling brings out the potential of the property. Examples would be furniture, lighting, appliances, and other decorations and fixtures that will make your space captivating to more people looking to buy a home.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced property styling experts who analyse your home, determine what it needs, and then will enhance each area of your home by adding different elements like paintings, lighting, furniture, greenery, plants, and other accessories and decorations that capture the eye of potential buyers and have them strongly consider purchasing your home.

  • Achieve Maximum Sales Price – At Sell In Style, we are experts at pulling together all the elements to highlight the best selling features of a property. A styled property improves the quality of marketing content which generates more interest in the property online resulting on increase the number of offers and driving up the price.
  • Drive Foot Traffic and Interest In Your Listing – We take the time to understand the buyer’s demographics and style the property to appeal to the majority of buyers in the area. By appealing to the lifestyle aspirations of the buyer, this generates more foot traffic and interest in the property.
  • Reduce Time On The Market – A styled property generates more interests in the listing, therefore, it is more likely to sell faster and for a higher price than a comparable un-styled home
  • Evoke Buyer’s Emotion – Our focus is to create emotional appeal so that the buyers can fall in love with the property. An emotionally connected buyer is more willing to act fast and pay a premium price.

Property styling at its core is the perfect way of appealing to the desires of a wide range of potential buyers and therefore increasing the chances of the home being sold quickly and for a higher asking price. With proper styling of your property, there is a potential of getting at least a 10% increase in your selling price!

Through our vast experience in the industry, our team has established practical yet highly effective styling techniques that take into consideration all your requirements while exceeding the expectations of potential buyers by creating spaces that evoke their emotions and making them want to buy and live in the home that you are selling.


Highly Skilled & Experienced Team – With over 7 years of experience, our property stylists help you sell faster with customised staging that targets your potential buyers. Leave us the keys and we’ll take care of the whole staging process.

Easy Payment Option – We understand there is a lot of expenses when it comes to selling a property. Therefore, we have created affordable options to accommodate your circumstances. We offer flexible payment options, contact us for more details about payment options.