What is the difference between complete property, partial, and integrated styling?

What is the difference between complete property, partial, and integrated styling?

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At Sell In Style Property Styling, we offer three options to accommodate to all needs.

Integrated StylingIntegrated Styling | Home Staging - Sell in Style

This means that we will be using some of the owner’s existing furniture, and some of Sell In Style’s furniture. A professional stylist will determine what furniture pieces can be incorporated, and what furniture pieces should be removed from the home. As the overall goal of the stylist is to ensure that the home will appeal to the greatest number of buyers, we make sure that the styling appeals to the mass audience.

The stylist will also ensure that the existing furniture works cohesively with the new furniture that is brought in, to create flow in the home and have a uniform theme. This can be in the form of choosing furniture of the same material and finish, similar lighting fixtures, or choosing elements that connect with existing wall colours or wall papers. In addition to matching the current components of the home, Sell In Style’s stylists add soft furnishings, décor, art and final touches to fully enhance the aesthetic of the home.

Partial Styling | Home Staging - Sell in StylePartial Styling

This option means that only certain rooms are styled. Our stylists will recommend the best areas to highlight within the home. Generally speaking, this will be the main areas of the home, such as the Living Room, Dining Room and the Master Bedroom, however this changes home to home. This option gives a hint of the potential that the home could look like with furniture and styling finishes.


Complete StylingComplete Styling - Home Staging - Sell in Style

The complete option means that the complete home will be styled in every room and every area. This option creates the most curated and consistent feel, as all rooms flow to one another. We create this feeling through adding cohesive furniture, décor and artwork throughout the entire home.

Our team of highly experienced property stylists have years of knowledge and expertise in updating residential properties to look chic and well-designed through using a curated set of furnishings. We have no doubt our team can plan, design, and implement the most seamless property styling solution, tailored to you in your home!

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