5 Best Hacks For Styling A Small Apartment

5 Best Hacks For Styling A Small Apartment

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1. Create functionality with spaces that have multi uses

As space is sparse, it is important so utilise every space! For example, in this apartment we have used this built in to become a desk.

Alternatively, you can also utilise any outdoor enclosed spaces. In this apartment, this space would have normally been used as just a balcony, but as it is fully enclosed we have turned it into an indoor/outdoor dining space or an office!

2. Divide spaces with rugs

Apartment spaces can sometimes feel cramped, where you don’t know where one space ends and another one starts. Use rugs to differentiate and frame the space! For example, here we have zoned the living and the dining with a large grey rug.

3. Decorate upwards

In small apartments, try decorating upwards to draw the eye upwards and give the illusion of a larger space. In this apartment, we have chosen a very tall portrait to create the illusion of a taller ceiling.

Can’t stick anything on the walls because you are renting, but still want to personalise your space? Use 3M hooks, they are super easy to use, just measure, stick, wait an hour and then hang!

4. Invest in lighter furniture vs. dark

 Lighter furniture gives the appearance of a space looking larger, whereas darker furniture can absorb the light and give the impression that a room is smaller. In this bedroom we have gone with white bedsides and bed, with yellow lamps, and a colourful artwork to freshen the area.

5. Mirrors 

Mirrors are the easiest way to open any space as they bounce light around the room from their reflection. These can vary in size and shape to suit your home.

6. Consider the size of your dining table

We recommend using a smaller table that is relative to your space. Glass top circular top tables are always a super versatile and easy option to suit nearly every small apartment. A glass top also benefits the illusion of a larger space due to its clarity.

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