How To Style A Master Bedroom

How To Style A Master Bedroom

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How do we get our beds to look super plush and expensive? Here is our formula:

1. Start with a base, and mattress, then add your valance

Why do we use a valance? To cover the bottom of the bed, so we can hide any storage or clutter to give a neat appearance

2. Add in white sheets and doona

Why do we only use white? Because white always looks fresh, clean and goes with every other colour!

3. Use a thick insert for doona

Using a thick insert helps create a plush and cosy look, which adds an extra luxe look to the feel of the bed!

4. Fold down the top of your doona

This is a way to add detail to the bed and add in another layer of plushness.

PRO TIP: Make sure when folding down you fold back up to be able to see the design of the doona on the top!

5. Add in your art

Choose something that suits the feeling that you are trying to evoke and matches the remainder of your home.

In this bedroom, we have chosen to go with a soft palette of sage, beige, and a hint of charcoal in a modern print to replicate the vibe of the home.

6. Add in your pillows

PRO TIP: We recommend using 2 euros, and 2 standard pillows for a queen and king bed.

And 1 euro and 1 standard for a single or double bed. For super king bed, we would typically use 3 euros, and 2 standard pillows.

7. Ironing

(Optional of course)

To perfect that flawless look we iron all our beds and pillows! It really does make the difference, especially on crushable fabrics.

8. Choose your cushions

We recommend choosing two colours within the artwork, then pairing them with neutral textured cushions to ensure a balanced collection.

PRO TIP: Try using different textures and fabrics to elevate and add interest to your selection!

In this space, we have gone with two neutral beige and white cushions, then added in a charcoal and sage complementary colour!

9. Add in your throws

This is your opportunity to pull out supplementary colours and add in additional texture!

In this space we have used a coverlet style tucked under the doona and also a plush boucle style throw over the corner of the bed.

PRO TIP: Tuck the edge of your throw under your folded down doona to integrate the two!

10. Add in a rug

Adding a rug is excellent way to anchor and frame the space! We have used a light grey textured rug to add an extra element to the space!

11. Pop in your side tables

Make sure that they are in scale and complement the other colours of your bedroom!

In this space we have chosen to go with a trendy scalloped edge side table, a pattern that is also reflected in the art!

12. Choose some lamps

Ensure that the lamps also compliment the existing silhouettes and colours of the room!

We have used beige lamps with a curved base to match with the artwork and curved side tables.

13. Accessories

 Last of all, add in some nik naks! We like to use either candles, small sculptures, books or photo frames.

PRO TIP: Add in a either greenery or flowers to freshen up the space, they make the biggest difference! 

14. Finito!

This formula is applicable to all styles and bedrooms! We would love to see how you have styled your master bedrooms with some of our techniques, so make sure that you either tag us on social media or comment below!

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