Frequently Asked Questions from our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions from our Clients

Property Staging and Home Style - Sell in Style

Question: What if I already have my own furniture that I want to use?

Answer: Great news, we actually offer an integrated plan, which means that we can work with what you already own but integrate some additional furnishings to enhance the space to create an overall consistent look!

Question: How does the payment work to style a home, do I pay per piece?

Answer: No! At Sell In Style we offer package deals, which means everything is included. Please see our packages page where inclusions and exclusions are explained. We also offer a range of payment options to suit your needs.

Question: What if I only want to get certain rooms styled?

Answer: That is totally fine! Our stylists will help suggest the best rooms and features of your home to highlight.

Question: What if my property does not sell within the contract term?

Answer: We are flexible! There is an option to extend the time period for the use of the furniture until desired. Speak with our friendly team, to organise an option to suit you!

Question: Should I really invest in styling a property that is dated?

Answer: Styling gives a much-needed refresh to old homes, we especially recommend styling homes that are perhaps on the dated side, as it creates the perception to buyers that the home is liveable in its current condition.  Clever placement of fresh furniture, lighting, colour and greenery helps persuade buyers to do this.



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