Should The Client Be on Or Off-site During A Property Styling Install?

Should The Client Be on Or Off-site During A Property Styling Install?

When it comes to whether or not the client should be on-site during the process of styling a house for sale will depend on the individual company and their business ethics.
In the world of staging property for sale, there are several considerations for the client/homeowner to ponder before deciding whether or not they should be present during an install. As one of Brisbane’s best home staging companies, we take our client’s customer experience with us very seriously, and strive to ensure the client remains calm, comfortable, and supported throughout the entire process, from initial consultation, to install, to collection. It is for this reason that we feel that it is in the best possible interest of the homeowner/client to remain off-site during an install.

The negatives of a client being on-site

A lot of clients, new clients especially, tend to be unaware of just how stressful and overwhelming the process of an install can be for themselves as the homeowner given they will likely have a close emotional attachment to the home. During an install, there are a lot of moving parts, people, and things, and sometimes these circumstances can feel ‘hectic’ and uncomfortable for the homeowner to experience if they choose to remain on-site. It’s for this reason that we would recommend that the client remains off-site during the process so that they are able to experience the incredible end product in all its glory without the stress and pressure associated with being present while the magic happens.

Another down-side to the client remaining on-site while we are staging a property for sale is that it can, in some circumstances and without deliberate intention, ‘throw-off’ the install process. The importance of home staging without the potential interruption of anxious homeowners is essential for ensuring the install process runs smoothly. At Sell in Style Property Styling, we strive to deliver the best possible service to our clients in the tight time frames, and sometimes having the homeowner remain on site can delay the process and cause unnecessary issues for both the client and the styling company.

“When the client remains on-site, it can cause added stress for both themselves and our team during set-up. The process naturally runs a lot smoother when the owners are off-site because it allows us to solely focus on the job on hand, and get things set-up and organised without having someone else moving around the space and questioning the creative decisions of the staging”.

Sell in Style Property Styling’s Creative director, Sarah Barnett, explains

“In several cases where the homeowner has chosen to remain on-site, they have become increasingly anxious about the styling decisions during the installation process. It isn’t until the installation is completely finished and perfected that the homeowner/client is able to absorb the styling as a whole and relax, which is what we see take place time and time again”

says Sarah

Although it is entirely normal and natural for the homeowner to feel a sense of worry and trepidation about the end product of their staged property, which of course is an investment for the client/homeowner, these feelings can be minimised if they remain off-site during the process. This way, they are able to see the after, as is, and absorb and enjoy the finished house styling product as a whole.

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