What Is The Process When Styling A Living Room?

What Is The Process When Styling A Living Room?

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Where do I start?

1. Analyse the space

In order to frame the space, we recommend starting with a rug proportioned centrally within the space. From here you can then determine the number and size of the sofas or armchairs you require.

PRO TIP: Try to face your sofas towards the entry of the space to open it up, instead of walking into the back of a sofa!

For example, in this space we used a rug this is very large to fill majority of this space. Another reason we use rugs is to make a space feel cosier. This is particularly useful when working with tiled areas that can feel quite clinical. We used two large sofas, and two armchairs in different styles to add interest to the space.

2. Add in some artwork

Make sure that that art compliments the base furniture and creates the mood that you are trying to evoke.

PRO TIP: Also think about the scale of the art, choose something that is proportionate to the ceiling height and scale of your furniture.

For example, we used a beach print in cool tones of blue to add a calming atmosphere to the room.

3. Add in a coffee table

PRO TIP: Avoid going for matchy-matchy styles! Adding in furniture in similar toned colours, but alternative styles creates a far more interesting space.

We used this washed timber circular table as the colour co-ordinates with the couch and the artwork!

4. Add some height with a floor lamp

In order to draw the eye around the room, differences in height are key! We have chosen a rattan style shade that also compliments the beach look of the space.

5. Add in greenery

Plants or a natural element always help freshen up a space, we have opted for a tropical palm to execute this.

6. Add the final touches of cushions and décor to tie in the colours of the space

Books, nik nacks, ornaments and trays are the final pieces that you need to complete your room!

PRO TIP: Try decorating in odd numbers and different heights. This is key in creating a balanced display.

7. And voila you are done!

Give this a try in your own home and tag us with your results @sellinstyle_property styling!


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