Why Styling Your Home is a Must-Have When You’re Selling

Why Styling Your Home is a Must-Have When You’re Selling

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Property staging, otherwise known as home staging, has become an increasingly valuable practice within the real estate world despite the ever-growing cost of living pressures. Not only does staging a house for sale increase the level of interest and ‘enticement’ shown in any given property, but it is also almost guaranteed to turn over a significantly higher sale price and return on investment (ROI).

But exactly how effective is home staging for selling your home in the current economic climate? Property staging defines the preparation of any property for sale in the real estate marketplace. In other words, it is the art of screening a property, determining what exactly it ‘needs’, and using these insights to decorate and style the home accordingly; examples would be furniture, textures, lighting, appliances and other decorations and fixtures to ensure the space is ‘staged’ to captivate potential buyers.

For the purpose of using real facts, we will be using one of the real case studies we had the opportunity to stage not long ago; in this scenario we staged a property for sale at a similar time another exact property was on the market, this one ‘unstaged’. We hope this example will help readers understand how impactful home staging can be for selling a property and the benefits it can reap for sellers.

Why is property staging ‘worth it’?

Homeowners are often apprehensive about investing time and money into styling a house for sale and these misplaced concerns can often hold them back from securing a significantly higher sale price for their homes, as well as a myriad of other benefits for the homeowner/seller. The main benefits of home staging can be summarised into the following points:

Achieve Maximum Sale Price

Home staging experts, such as our team of property stylists at Sell In Style Property Styling Brisbane, are pros at combining all the elements required to highlight a property’s best features. A styled property improves the quality of marketing content and the impact of ‘first impressions’ which consequently generates a greater amount of interest in the property, both online and in person, which works to increase the emotional engagement of potential buyers and with that the number of offers which consequently drives up the sale price.

You will notice in our real case study (attached below) the property we staged sold for an additional $30,000 vs the property that wasn’t staged.

Drive Foot Traffic and Interest in Your Listing

Home staging experts like the team at Sell in Style take the time to understand the buyer’s demographics and style the property to appeal to the majority of buyers in the area. By appealing to the lifestyle aspirations of the buyer, this generates more foot traffic and interest in the property, which will ultimately increase buyer offers and lead to a greater profit for the seller, as well as ensuring their property is sold quickly and efficiently.

In the video link provided below you will hear from the selling agent in regards to how they “saw slower interest, slower enquiries” on the property with no staging vs the property we staged which they described as having “way more enquiries and it was a quicker sale and sold for an extra $30,000”.

Real Estate Agent testimonial:








Reduce Time on the Market

The reality of home staging vs an un-staged home is simple – a styled property is always going to generate more interest in the listing and therefore, it is more likely to sell faster and for a higher price than a comparable unstaged home.

In the case study we are using below the property we staged sold within 6 days of going to market and the other property sold after 24 days in the market.

Evoke Buyer’s Emotion

The focus of property styling is to evoke an emotional appeal between the buyer and the property for sale, which works to sell the home in a timely manner. An emotionally connected buyer is much more likely to act fast on a listing and pay premium price than the one who doesn’t evoke this same appeal.

Below are a few images for you to identify the difference between both properties, staged vs. unstaged.







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