The Top 5 Reasons to hire a Property Stylist in Brisbane

Hiring a Property Staging

The Top 5 Reasons to hire a Property Stylist in Brisbane

At Sell in Style Property Styling, we view styling as an art and one that can totally transform the marketability and potential selling outcome of your home on the market. Whether you’re opting for a full, integrated or partial styling solution, our property stylists will ensure your home is taken to the next level of visual and emotional appeal. We’ve put together the top 5 reasons to hire a property stylist to stage your beloved house for sale.

  • 1. They add value and market appeal to the home

    First and foremost, staging a house for sale could add exponential value to the home and generate a much higher market appeal for the property. At Sell in Style Property Styling, targeted styling procedures are in place to maximise the marketability of a property for sale. It should be known that in almost all cases of quality property styling, a home will sell twice as fast, and for a significantly higher sale price.

  • 2. They understand the buyer demographic & market competition

    Property stylists don’t simply ‘style’ homes. A lot goes into the creative decisions made by a property stylist, including the buyer demographic of the home/area and competitor market. “Understanding the property’s buyer demographic is essential to ensuring the home is styled in their interests, as is understanding the market’s competition to ensure the property is staged to ‘stand out’ both in person and via real estate websites such as

  • 3. They know how to enhance the property’s assets

    Things like enhancing the feel of a space through layout, furniture, décor, cushions, art, etc, are also important considerations made by the stylist to best stage the home”. Ensuring these elements work together simultaneously to best present the home is why property styling has become one of the most sought-after practices in the modern real estate market. A stylist will ask themselves a number of questions upon evaluating a home’s features and use their expertise to devise the best styling approach for the property.

  • 4. They’re aware of potential deterrents to the property

    A good property stylist will have an eye for the positives and negatives of a given property, including potential obstacles that could jeopardise the home’s marketability. For example, our stylists at Sell in Style Property Styling are able to identify if a home appears ‘outdated’ or ‘unfinished’ and will be able to make/adjust styling decisions to remove the emphasis on these aspects, whilst highlighting the home’s best assets.

  • 5. Help the buyer envisage how they can live in the space

    Perhaps one of the most important roles of a property stylist, helping the client to envisage the property as their new home is essential for encouraging buyer’s emotion, which inherently leads to a quicker, higher value sale. Although Sell in Style’s property stylists don’t directly deal with the buyer (that is the Real Estate Agent’s job), our stylists are responsible for all the ‘behind the scenes’ decisions that encourage a buyer’s emotional connection to the home. Part of our property stylist’s job is to undertake appropriate research of the property for sale to ensure they make the correct styling decisions to support the buyer market.

For further information on why you should hire an experienced property stylist to stage your home on the market, please contact Sell In Style Property Styling at 0432 436 567 or email us at

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