5 Things To Consider Before Staging Your Home For Sale

5 Things To Consider Before Staging Your Home For Sale

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When it comes to best staging a house for sale on the market, there are some important principles that every stylist should consider when making effective home staging decisions. Apart from simply ‘styling’ the home, part of a property stylist’s job is to research and understand the property to stage in order to best cater selections to the home’s layout and buyer market. We at Sell in Style Property Styling have put together 5 things to consider before staging your home for sale.

  • 1. The buyer demographic & market

    At Sell in Style Property Styling, we continue to reiterate the importance of knowing the buyer demographic and market to ensure styling decisions are made to target prospective buyers. Knowing who the buyer is and what their needs are, including “Do they work from home? Are they a young family? What is the demographic of the area?”, are all relevant questions for informing a stylist’s creative decisions.

  • 2. The market competition of the property & how to set it apart

    Brisbane property styling is becoming an increasingly competitive market, so understanding who the competition is, what other properties are currently in the market, and how to set a property apart is more essential than ever for a stylist to be on top of. A clear understanding of the home’s layout, space, colour schemes, outdoor living spaces, etc. all come into play when evaluating how to best stage a house for sale on the market.

  • 3. What preparations the home requires before styling

    Most homes require a number of preparations before they are ready for staging. At Sell in Style Property styling, we offer free stylist consultations for the homeowner where we essentially take a walk through the property and identify what needs to be done before styling takes place.
    For example, our stylists may identify that the home could strongly benefit from a paint job or necessary cleaning/repairs, or that it needs to be depersonalised (personal belongings and trademarks removed) in order to best benefit from styling capacities. It may seem unnecessary, but a clean home with a fresh coat of paint makes a buyer feel that the home is ready to move into – which can be a defining factor for securing a quick sale.

  • 4. The property’s best features

    It goes without saying, emphasising your property’s assets is one of the most important considerations when styling a home. A stylist will consider things like the layout of the home, colour schemes, wall design, window placement, bedroom/deck size, etc. and adjust their creative decisions accordingly. For example, if a home has a particularly small living room, our stylists would focus on using fewer additional features and more on creating the illusion of ‘space’ and ‘depth’.

  • 5. Buyer taste & appeal

    Stylists should always ensure that their creative decisions remain in line with the prospective buyer market for the property. For example, what might appeal to buyers in their late 40s/50s may not appeal to a young couple in their 20s, and therefore the styling selections will be different to ensure they appeal to the target demographic. Our stylists at Sell in Style Property Styling have detailed knowledge of what does/doesn’t appeal to varying age demographics and are well-known for targeting their creative decisions to evoke a potential buyer’s emotional connection to the home.

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