6 Don’ts For Staging A House When Selling

6 Don’ts For Staging A House When Selling

Alrighty, we’ve spoken about the must-haves when staging your home and everything you should do, but what about the don’ts? The things you shouldn’t do and should definitely avoid spending your own money on?

Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, we’ve seen almost every new renovation that people have completed on their homes before selling. While we love the enthusiasm, we often recommend that people don’t need to do a lot in their homes prior to selling.

So, we’ve put together all of our don’ts when staging your home for sale.

Buy Your Own Stuff

When you’re selling your home, it can be a stressful process, but what can add to this, even more, is scrambling to buy your styling pieces. Again we love the enthusiasm, but this can often be a timely and costly exercise. When you work with Sell In Style, we have absolutely everything you could need to create a fully styled home.

Worry About Cleaning Out Your Cupboards

We work with clients, and they often get stressed over trying to clean out all of the cupboards within the home. While we very much appreciate the effort, most potential buyers ignore what’s in the cupboards during home openings. This is one time where it’s perfectly ok and encouraged to shove all the messes in your cupboards.

Don’t Spend Money On What You Won’t Get Back

Although the styling process is an investment, and we’re all here for it, we tell all our clients don’t spend the money you know you won’t get back. So although you may hate the sink in your kitchen and think it needs to be replaced, a potential buyer mightn’t like your new choice. So only invest in what you’ll get back.

Add To Your Windows

Window furnishings like curtains and drapes are expensive. While you may not like the look of your current curtains within the home, it’s not worth having them redone. When styling, we often take down curtains where possible or have them completely open to letting all of that natural light flood right in.

Avoid Buying New Appliances

We promise you a new appliance isn’t going to sell your home. While you may despise your current dishwasher, purchasing and installing one can leave you with a hole in your wallet. Instead, invest that money into having your home styled beautifully.

Don’t Paint Feature Walls

We all love a fresh coat of paint, and sometimes it can be needed, but avoid painting things like feature walls. Although they can have an impact, they’re costly, and usually, the potential buyer ends up not liking the colour chosen.

What Now?

If you’re still unsure about what you should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to home staging, get in touch with our experienced team and ask us. We’re always happy to give our recommendation on where you should splurge and where you should save.

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