Best Practice Property Styling Tips for Styling a Wardrobe in Brisbane

Best Practice Property Styling Tips for Styling a Wardrobe in Brisbane


When it comes to property styling in Brisbane, attention to detail is a key element of ensuring the staged home speaks to potential buyers. Each element of a home, including the wardrobe, plays a crucial role in creating a desirable and inviting space for potential buyers. By employing effective home staging techniques, you can transform a mundane wardrobe into an appealing feature that enhances the overall aesthetic of the property, or you can opt for a low-key styling that allows the wardrobe space to speak for itself. In this blog, Sell in Style Property Styling will explore the best practice property styling tips specifically focused on styling a wardrobe and ensuring your efforts are optimised for success. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional home stager in Brisbane, these tips will help you achieve impressive results. Soon you’ll have the most-attractive wardrobe in Brisbane…

Declutter and Organize

Before you start styling a wardrobe, it’s essential to declutter and organize its contents. Starting with a blank slate is definitely the most desirable option when it comes to home staging because it allows potential buyers to better visualise their own items in the space and avoids them being alienated by other’s belongings. Remove any unnecessary items, such as outdated clothing, excess hangers, or personal belongings. Potential buyers want to envision themselves in the space, so it’s important to create a clean and organised wardrobe that allows them to easily visualise their belongings within it. Consider utilising storage solutions like baskets or boxes to keep smaller items neatly arranged. Stuck for ideas? Check out Pinterest for some great storage ideas and inspiration.

Minimalism is Key

To create an attractive and spacious-looking wardrobe, embrace a minimalist approach. Start by limiting the number of clothes and accessories on display, ensuring there is enough breathing space between each item. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also conveys a sense of luxury and simplicity, which is highly sought after in property styling. Remember, when it comes to wardrobe property styling, less is often more. Consider using well-known brand bags (seen in one of our wardrobe styling below) and simple trinkets in groups of two or through throughout the wardrobe to fill the space nicely and give it a sense of balance and flow – as you would with a bookshelf styling.

Cohesive Colour Palette

When styling a wardrobe, choose a cohesive colour palette that complements the overall design scheme of the room and the house. Consider the existing colour scheme and select clothing items, hangers, and storage accessories that match or harmonise with it. Particularly with new builds, stick to blacks and whites to keep things crisp, contemporary, and simplistic. By incorporating a cohesive colour palette, you will create a sense of harmony and visual flow, making the wardrobe feel like an integral part of the overall home staging and helping it to stand out as a selling point for potential buyers.

Attention to Detail

Pay attention to the smallest details when styling a wardrobe. Ensure that hangers are consistent in style and colour and consider using slim-line hangers to maximize space and create a uniform look. Our stylists will often hang plain white t-shirts in the wardrobe to give it a sense of life and to act as an added accessory. For those living in the home and are unable to entirely clear the space, you could also fold clothes neatly or use high-quality wooden or fabric-covered hangers for a touch of elegance. Furthermore, you could place shoes in an organised manner and use dividers or storage solutions to keep accessories like scarves, belts, and jewellery neatly arranged.

Balance and Symmetry

Create a visually appealing wardrobe by maintaining balance and symmetry. Arrange clothes by type or colour or stick with one colour scheme and ensure that each side of the wardrobe looks consistent and well-organised. If there are built-in shelves or drawers, use them to showcase folded clothes or accessories symmetrically. This attention to detail will impress potential buyers and create a visually appealing closet space. Remember, the way that a wardrobe is presented can have a large impact on how a homeowner can visually imagine their own things in the space, so if the balance of symmetry its styling is off, then it will be more difficult to visualise the potential of the space.

Lighting and Mirrors

Proper lighting is crucial in any wardrobe. Ensure that there is sufficient lighting inside the wardrobe to illuminate the space and showcase the clothing items effectively. Consider adding LED strip lights or battery-powered motion-sensor lights to create a bright and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, placing a mirror inside the wardrobe can add depth and functionality, making the space feel larger and allowing potential buyers to visualise themselves getting ready in the morning. It is especially important that all lights are turned on when the time comes for potential buyers to view the home because first impressions are essential when it comes to each and every space and element of the home.


Styling a wardrobe is a vital part of property staging in Brisbane. By following these best practice tips, you can transform a simple storage space into an attractive feature that adds value to your property and works as a selling point for potential buyers. Remember to declutter, embrace minimalism, utilise a cohesive colour palette, pay attention to detail, maintain balance and symmetry, and incorporate appropriate lighting and mirrors. These strategies will help create a wardrobe that appeals to potential buyers and enhances the overall appeal of your property for sale on the real estate market. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to sell or a professional home stager in Brisbane, these tips will enable you to achieve affordable and effective property styling results.

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