8 Essential Home Staging Tips For An Irresistible Property

8 Essential Home Staging Tips For An Irresistible Property

If you’re looking to stage your home in Brisbane, then you’re definitely going to need some essential tips to create an irresistible property. When selling your home in the Brisbane property market, you have to do everything you can to stand out and create an emotional connection with your potential buyers. This is where staging your home comes in. Today we’re taking a deep dive into our top eight tips to create an irresistible property.

What is staging?

Before we dive straight into all of our tips and tricks, we first have to talk about what is staging? Staging is the process of transforming an empty home and staging it to look like it’s lived in. This means our team brings in furniture, rugs, chairs, bed, artwork and anything else you can think of to make your home seem like it’s fallen out of a magazine. While styling still considers the principles of interior design, we ignore many of the “regular” rules that you would consider when styling your home for day-to-day living.

Why staging is important when selling your home in the Brisbane area?

When considering home staging, you have to understand why it’s so important and why it’s the difference between an average sale price and a terrific sale price. The difference that staging can make to a property can be described as taking your home from a blank canvas to a masterpiece. Staging allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the home, and as a result of this, they create an emotional connection with the property. This connection has the power to influence decisions in real estate and leave you with an increased sale price.

Our top tips for creating a beautifully staged home in the Brisbane area

If you’re planning on styling your home yourself, then there are a few tips and tricks that everyone should know about staging a property.

Ignore practicality

Starting out with our first tip, ignoring any practical elements. This is something that can be incredibly confusing to wrap your head around when staging your home. Staging is all about how a property looks and feels rather than how you would use the home on a daily basis. A great example of this is ignoring where your TV outlet is. Instead, focus on what looks best and how your buyers will flow through the property.

Add greenery

Greenery is a huge must for anyone looking to stage their home for sale. The small or big pops of colour add life to the space. Particularly in those homes that are a new build or an ‘all white’ home, greenery has the incredible power to brighten up a home. There’s a chance for greenery in almost every room in your home. This can be on your coffee table in the living area or the bathroom to warm the space.

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere

When potential buyers walk through your home, they want to feel warm, welcomed and comfortable in the property. You have to remember when staging your home for sale. Buyers will connect with the home on an emotional level.

Set the scene

Styling your home for sale is all about setting the scene. The process of styling is also about helping potential buyers envision themselves in the home. To do this, you want to set the scene of how they could use the extra bedroom or living area. It’s showing them the potential that your property has.

Invest in high-quality videography and photography

We’re huge fans of high-quality videography and photography here at Sell In Style Property Styling. Photography and video is a service we offer as we’ve seen first-hand the power it has when selling your property. To truly create an irresistible property, videography and photography are a must.

Declutter and depersonalise

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, then decluttering and depersonalising is an absolute must-do and something you can’t ignore. When you walk through a home, you don’t want to be reminded that the home isn’t yours with family photos. While it is great when you’re living in your own home, trying to sell a home that immediately doesn’t look like it looks like yours it’s a hard sell.

Create a sense of flow and cohesion

When potential buyers are walking through the home, you want to create a sense of flow and cohesion. This is essential to achieve the best before and after. Flow is all about how the property flows from one room to another, coupled with this cohesion. Cohesion is how well the furniture, styling pieces and everything in the property works together. To achieve this, you want to use elements within the same neutral colour palette that aren’t entirely identical to each other.

Consider scent

The final and potentially most subtle touch is considering scent. Just like using emotions to have an impact on buyers, scent can add another layer. When you walk into a home and it smells fresh, it can uplift the entire space. Alternatively, you want to do all that you can to remove any existing off-putting odours from the home. Do this by giving any needed areas a deep clean before getting to staging.

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve been equipped with all the eight essential home staging tips to create an irresistible property. Staging and styling your home in the Brisbane area is key to achieving the sale price that you’ll actually be happy with.

If you’re not a fan of staging your home yourself, then contact us at Sell in Style Property Styling. Our friendly team has over seven years of experience in the industry and stages hundreds of homes every year. We’ll work with you to stage and style your home so it’s relevant to your ideal buyer. But, if you’re still looking for some inspiration, follow us on Instagram and read through our blog posts for all of the insider tips and tricks.

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