Choosing Between Cool and Warm Colour Schemes When Staging Your Home

Choosing Between Cool and Warm Colour Schemes When Staging Your Home



When it comes to staging or styling your home, it is essential to ensure the right tones are determined for ensuring your home is staged to its best potential for prospective buyers. A lot can be said for the impact a colour scheme can have on the ‘sell-ability’ of a home and achieving the right balance of texture and tone is an art not just anyone can master. That’s why choosing between warm and cool tones plays such a huge part in the role of a property stylist and their ability to maximise a home’s appeal. We’ve put together a detailed run-down of how our stylists identify the most appropriate colour schemes for a home, and the reasoning behind their creative choices. Whether it’s warm brown and crème tones, or cooler greens and blues, you can rest assured Sell in Style’s Property Stylists have you and your homes best interests at heart.

So what exactly is the difference between cool and warm tones and how does a stylist determine the best scheme for your home? Cool toned styling is defined as having a blue undertone with a clean, fresh palate. Warm styling on the other hand is defined as possessing red undertones, consequently achieving a cosier and more traditional feel. As explained by our stylists, there’s no golden rule when choosing between warm and cool colours for a home, however, there are certainly some factors to consider when making a selection. Our stylist Yasmin explains, “Cool colours can usually work in any home, however, it depends on the tone of the timber. Does it have a blue undertone? Is it whitewashed? Timber will more often than not bring life to a space being a natural material”.

Although every stylist will have a different perspective of how to style a home, and the steps to take when determining the ‘theme’ in which the property will be styled, it is common practice to conduct a full analysis of the home before beginning the selection process (the process of choosing relevant furniture and interior decorations). According to our Stylists at Sell in Style property Styling, the first thing they look for is the layout of a property, followed by its focal point and finally, it’s colour and texture. Each of these factors are essential to consider when determining how to style a property and in ensuring all furniture and finishes work to compliment the homes interior architecture, rather than contradict it.

A particularly important factor to consider when styling a home is good lighting because of its ability to make a place look and feel brighter and bigger, which in turn works to compliment the way décor appears. Yasmin explains, “Choosing between warm and cool-toned styling is affected by lighting, paint colours and materials in the existing space. This is then amplified in the selection of furniture, décor and accessories”.

The takeaway? Whether your home is styled with cooler tones, or tones on the warmer side, our stylists at Sell in Style Property Styling have you and your home’s best interests at the forefront of their creative decisions. Furthermore, choosing between cooler and warmer tones will depend on the physical characteristics of the home and various contributing factors such as those detailed above.

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