Property Styling for New Build Properties in Brisbane

Property Styling for New Build Properties in Brisbane

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Property styling plays a crucial role in enhancing the appeal and market value of new build properties in Brisbane because of its ability to showcase the renovated space in the best possible light for potential buyers on the market. With the right combination of quality home staging capacities, aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness, sellers and developers can transform their newly-built properties into attractive and lust-worthy homes for sale. In this blog, one of Brisbane’s best home staging companies, Sell in Style Property Styling will delve into the world of property styling in the new-build market, exploring its significance in Brisbane’s real estate market as well as identifying the key best practice formats to follow when staging new-build homes.

The significance of property styling for developing cities

In Brisbane’s competitive real estate market, property styling has become increasingly important and sought-after by agents and homeowners alike because of the maximised return of investment it achieves for the client. Quality home staging services help potential buyers visualize the full potential of a new build property, maximizing its appeal and saleability and ultimately helping the client to achieve the best possible sale price for the property for sale whilst cutting down time spent on the market. This is particularly true for new-builds because contemporary architecture can often feel stale and sterile to begin with, which is where property styling is able to transform and lift the home’s renovated interior finishes. By incorporating key elements of home styling, such as furniture arrangement, colour schemes, and decor choices, homeowners can create a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers.

Affordable home styling tips for new build properties in Brisbane

  • Start with a clear vision: Before embarking on the property styling journey, envision the overall look and feel you want to achieve. Consider your target audience and demographic of the property and the desired atmosphere/theme of the space. At
    Sell in Style Property Styling, our stylists dedicate time to researching and understanding the buyer demographic and personality of each property to be staged, and use this information to inform their styling decisions.
  • Stick with a mostly Neutral Colour Palette for added luxury: Although colour is a great edition when it comes to home styling, a good rule of thumb for styling new builds is to opt for a neutral colour palette as the foundation of your design. Neutral colours create a timeless and versatile backdrop that appeals to a wide range of buyers, whilst allowing for the newly designed home to remain the feature. Infuse pops of colour through accessories and artwork to add personality and visual interest to the space.
  • Ensure flow of spaces: No doubt one of the most important considerations when it comes to Brisbane home staging is to ensure potential buyers are taken on an aesthetically pleasing and exciting journey from start to finish of viewing the property for sale. This is achieved by styling each space to ‘work with’ the other styled spaces in the property and to ensure each space ‘flows’ and feels connected. One theme of styling, whether it be ‘boho’, ‘contemporary’ or ‘hamptons’, should be adapted for new build homes, and new build homes particularly benefit from a more contemporary-themed styling given their modern build. By ensuring a specific theme is incorporated throughout the home, buyers will feel more connected to a space and be better prepped to visualise themselves living in the balanced space.
  • Highlight Architectural Features: Showcase the unique architectural features of your new build property. Whether it’s high ceilings, large windows, or an open-plan layout, emphasize these elements to create an impressive visual impact. Another good rule of thumbs is to incorporate appropriate lighting fixtures such as modish tall lamps to draw attention to key focal points.
  • Affordable Furniture and Decor: Brisbane offers a variety of affordable furniture and decor options. Explore local furniture outlets, online marketplaces, and discount stores to find stylish pieces at budget-friendly prices. Mixing new and pre-loved items can create a unique and eclectic look while keeping costs down.
  • Maximizing Natural Light: Brisbane’s abundant sunshine is a valuable asset when it comes to property styling. Remove heavy drapes and opt for sheer curtains or blinds that allow natural light to filter through. Position mirrors strategically to reflect light and create an illusion of space.
  • Incorporate Interest & Flair: No potential homeowner wants to walk in to a home and feel that it’s sterile and bland. By incorporating interested and effective pieces of furniture and décor, the homeowner is much more likely to feel visually and personally connected to the space because it adds interest and an ‘enticing’ flare to the home’s spaces. Whether it be some minimal bold pops of colour throughout the home or a statement mirror/coffee table, ensure your home is speaking to the buyer’s visual satisfaction should already be working as a feature, so you just want to exaggerate those features, not take away from them.
  • Less is more: When it comes to new build homes particularly, one of the worst things you can do is overcrowd and overwhelm the space with unnecessary elements. Although furniture and décor is most certainly required to lift the space and take the property to the ‘next level’, there is a fine line between adding and overwhelming.

Property styling in Brisbane and all over the world is no doubt a powerful and effective tool for enhancing the market value and appeal of both new build properties, particularly when it is completed by experienced stylists such as our team at Sell in Style Property Styling. By incorporating affordable styling techniques, such as choosing a neutral colour palette, opting for minimal but effective decorative elements and furniture pieces, and highlighting architectural features, homeowners can create inviting spaces that captivate potential homeowners and create a lasting effect that ultimately leads to a timely and profitable sale.

To learn more about property styling and best practices, head to the ‘Blogs’ section of our website at or call us directly on 0432 436 567 and get a property styling quote today!

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