Real Estate Photography: Capturing Staged Homes for Maximum Appeal

Real Estate Photography: Capturing Staged Homes for Maximum Appeal

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Real estate is all about pulling on buyers’ emotions and showing them the potential of your home. The team at Sell In Style Property Styling does this through styling, staging and real estate photography.

Real estate photography is almost as important as property styling and staging. To create a home that stands out in the marketing, you need home staging and photography. To create a home that’s been beautifully styled and then not to have professional photos taken can let down the property. The same goes for having professional photos taken of an empty home. Both are important.

Staging and styling work to evoke emotion in real estate and create a space that potential buyers will love, whereas photography for real estate is all about capturing the best elements of your home. These two have to go together to create maximum appeal.


What is real estate photography, and where does it sit in the process of selling a home?

Real estate photography is the process of getting a professional photographer and or videographer to take photos of a home once it’s been styled and staged. In terms of where real estate photography sits in the process of selling a home, it’s usually the very last step before the home is listed online. Along with staging and styling, real estate photography is pivotal in marketing your home to your ideal buyer.


Why photography in real estate is important

Similar to staging and styling your home for sale, professional real estate photography is all about showing off what your home has to offer. It’s about highlighting what your buyers will love and getting them to visualise themselves in the home. We’ve listed below our favourite points as to why photography in real estate is important.

Bring on the leads

Investing correctly in home staging, along with real estate photography, is all about generating interest around your property and, as a result, bringing in serious leads. Leads are potential buyers who are serious about making an offer or purchasing your property.

When a home is staged and styled to look warm and inviting and is all captured by the beautiful property, it’s only natural that people are more likely to look at the property and enquire. These two elements of staging and photography will help bring serious leads. This leads to your home being on the market for a shorter time and increased value perception.

Cut through the noise

If you’ve ever gone through the process of buying a house, you’ll know the endless scrolling you usually have to go to find just what you’re looking for. This process can take months and is one that becomes more and more frustrating over time. When selling your home, investing in staging and real estate photography helps cut through the noise. There are plenty of properties that aren’t staged or photographed well that people just scroll past. Real estate photography makes your property stand out and attracts potential buyers. This is crucial when selling in the Brisbane property market. 

Get a professional opinion on what should be highlighted

Similar to working with a staging and styling company like Sell In Style, a real estate photographer’s professional opinion and view are invaluable when selling your home. They have a deep understanding of what looks best within the home and how to emphasise your home’s selling points.

Real estate photographers will only photograph your home in the best possible light. Our team of photographers will even suggest the best time of day to capture your home in the best light. Photographers who work in real estate understand how to get the most out of your home. They understand what angles will be most attractive and know what potential buyers want.

Help you to achieve a higher asking price

When looking for a terrific final sale price, you have to make your property look and feel like it’s worth it. Home staging, in combination with real estate photography, positions homes within the buyer’s mind to look and feel more valuable than they might be. By creating a sense of homeliness with staging and then creating a sense of professionalism with photography, you position your home to be incredibly valuable and give you a much higher chance of receiving higher offers.

One less thing you have to do

There’s no doubt that selling a home is a stressful process. Not only does it involve moving house completely, but there’s all of the prep work that has to be done beforehand.

In addition to the stress of cleaning and organising, selling your home can also be an emotional journey, from packing up kids’ rooms to going through sentimental items. For some, it can take a toll. When you are selling your home, the last thing you will feel like doing is staging your home for sale and then taking picture-perfect photos. This process can be tedious, and if you aren’t prepared with a proper camera, the photos can let down the home’s final look. When you invest in real estate photography, you are not only investing in the marketing for your home, but you are investing in saving yourself time and stress.


Final Thoughts

Photography in real estate is undeniably important. How your potential buyers perceive your property is a huge game changer in your final sale price and reduced time on the market. Although photography for real estate and styling home staging is an investment, it’s beyond worth it. The small investment you make will be recouped in so many different ways.

If you’re interested in capturing your home’s potential, then get in touch with our team. We offer professional videography, real estate photography, and staging and styling services. Scroll through our before and afters to see how transformative photography for real estate and staging can be. Chat with our team to discover how we can help you get your property sold. In the meantime, follow us on social media to get a feel for our style.

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