Tips for Effective Home Staging on a Budget

Tips for Effective Home Staging on a Budget

Tips for Effective Home Staging on a Budge

How to stage a home for sale on a budget is all about being frugal in your staging efforts. There’s no doubt that the process of selling your home can be costly. Along with all the hidden costs also comes the cost of staging your home for sale. While this is an investment into your final sale price if you can reduce the amount you invest, why wouldn’t you? Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, we work with clients with a range of budgets and styling terms. As a result of this and our years of experience, we’ve put together our tips for effective home staging on a budget.


A great way to stage your home for sale on a budget is by doing what you can in your home before purchasing any styling items. By far, the biggest difference that you can make is decluttering your home. This is something that’s often overlooked. However, removing all personal items, along with any clutter, will make the moving process easier and make your potential buyers feel calm and relaxed. When in doubt, keep all rooms as minimal as possible.

Bring in greenery

When staging your home on a budget, greenery is going to be your best friend. It has the incredible ability to bring life into space. Where you can add greenery into every room possible, it’s a cost-effective option, whether you’re looking to use real or fake plants. Whatever you decide on, choose one and keep it consistent throughout the home.

Reevaluate lighting

Lighting is one of the huge factors that come into play when we talk about the principles of interior design. It impacts the mood of the home and the overall atmosphere. To capitalise on this, clean all existing light bulbs and where you need to replace lightbulbs. You also want to keep lighting consistent in your home when styling with budget in mind. Choose either white or yellow globes and use them throughout the home.

The exterior is just as important as the interior

When you’re looking to achieve a facade that looks like it’s fallen out of a magazine, you can do plenty without blowing your budget. Dedicate a Saturday or two and take the time to give your front and backyard a good clean-out. This can be anything from mowing your lawn, removing any dead plants, weeding and general tidying. Although this takes time, it’s a great budget-friendly option to improve first impressions. If your budget allows, grab some bright-coloured flowers and add them to your yard.

Introduce scent

Home staging is all about pulling on buyer’s heartstrings and creating an emotional attachment to the property. In addition to this, you also want to create a warm and welcoming environment so buyers relax when they are walking through the property. Scent is an affordable option to help improve the overall experience. Ideally, use a room spray or candles prior to the home opening. When picking a scent, avoid anything sweet and opt for fresh and light scents.

Remove all signs of a pet

As much as we love animals, when your potential buyers are walking through a home, any pet hair or food bowls can be another reminder that they are in someone else’s home. Do all that you can to remove any signs of a pet. This can be things like putting food bowls away in a cupboard, removing all pet waste and getting rid of all the pet hair you possibly can.

Rearrange your furniture

When we look at trying to stage a home on a budget, this is usually avoidant of buying any new furniture, especially larger pieces. However, instead of buying furniture, rearranging your furniture can make your home look entirely different and won’t cost you a thing. After you’ve decluttered and cleaned, move pieces around. Grab your partner or a friend and test out a few different options. Even if they don’t work how you’d usually live, for the purpose of budget staging, they’ll make all the difference.

Shop at budget-friendly stores

Now, of course, even though you do what you can to remain budget-friendly when staging your home, there will inevitably be things you have to buy, whether some white fluffy towels to spruce up your bathroom or a throw blanket. However, where you can, shop at budget-friendly stores like K-Mart or Big W. These stores are a cheaper alternative with fantastic pieces to help elevate your property’s appeal.

Hire the pros

While it may seem like an additional cost, hiring a professional staging and styling company like Sell In Style Property Styling can help with your return on investment and save you all the stress of styling your home. For some, hiring professional help is going to be the best option. If your home is filled with dated furniture and you’re unsure about how to put a home together for sale, then working with a company will save you money in the long run.

Additionally, make sure you find a company that’s within your budget. Home staging and styling shouldn’t have to blow your budget to be effective. Find a company that you value and do what you can to respect their budget and yours.

Final Thoughts

Home staging on a budget is possible, and it’s achievable. Although the entire process can seem overwhelming, it’s about breaking down the home room by room and tackling what you can. For those who are feeling overwhelmed about the process, get in touch with our team. We do all the hard work for you within your budget. Our professional team understands how to stage your home on a budget with your potential buyer in mind. If you’re interested in our work, follow us on social media to see the latest or read through our blogs for staging tips.

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