Should You Style Your Home With Neutral Or Bold Colours? And Why It Can Affect Your Final Sale Price

Should You Style Your Home With Neutral Or Bold Colours? And Why It Can Affect Your Final Sale Price

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What colours should you style your home with when styling your home for sale? This is a question that we get asked all the time. How you style your home can determine the thoughts and feelings of potential buyers. Colour, whether it be bold or neutral, can have an incredible impact on how your buyers can feel in a space, and how they envision themselves within the home. This is exactly what styling and staging your home for sale is all about, so getting this right is crucial.

Today, we’re diving headfirst into colour. We’ll talk everything about bold, neutral colours and the best colour palette to style your home with to achieve the ultimate sale price. Oh, and of course, we’ll be delivering expert tips and tricks along the way.

Why Colour Matters?

You may be thinking, why does colour matter? How is it impactful, and why should I consider it when styling? Colour impacts how we feel, which translates to walking through a home. Making the wrong decisions when choosing colours can leave potential buyers overwhelmed. Colours that are quite forward can almost feel in your face and, at times, claustrophobic. However, when you pick the right kind of colours and tones that are relative to the home, these can build and positively impact the feeling of warmth and cosiness.

We promise this isn’t just us that stand behind this; colour psychology is well-known within the interior design industry and is used to tug on people’s emotions. By being considerate when picking colours for your home for sale, you can either create positive or negative effects for potential buyers.

What Colours Should You Style Your Home With When Selling?

When selling your home for sale in the Brisbane area and taking on styling on your own, the colour will be a topic of discussion. It can have a significant impact on your styling pieces and influences the purchase decisions of potential buyers.

Ideally, you want to decide on a colour palette and base your furniture and styling decisions around this. Of course, this will depend heavily on what furniture you have or if you plan to work with a styling company like Sell In Style Property Styling. However, if you’re planning to style your home independently, knowing what colour palette to use is key when sticking to interior design principles.

Bold Colours

We love bold colours. Who doesn’t? But when it comes to styling or staging your home for sale, avoiding bold colours is your best bet. In colour psychology, bold colours can represent energy and vibrancy. While this is great when needed, we want to create a space where potential buyers feel calm and at ease. Using bold colours is almost a deterrent for people, and unless done with true intent and purposefulness, we recommend avoiding overly bright colours when staging your home.

If you have lots of bright, bold furniture, we recommend chatting with us about the best way to style these pieces for sale. Our team can work with you offering suggestions for integrated styling. Giving professional advice about what pieces should remain in the space and what might be better replaced with something more subtle.

Neutral Colours

When you’re styling your home for sale, depending on the demographic, you’ll most likely be trying to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. For the majority of us, neutral colours are liked by all. They do a fantastic job at creating a base layer of colour that can be built upon when needed. But they also do wonders when opening up a space. They’re great for opening up a space and making it feel large and airy.

When styling and staging, you also want to consider creating a warm and inviting atmosphere using natural and a warm colour palette can help to add softness to the space without letting it feel closed in.

If you plan on using neutral colours to style your space but feel like it could use some colour or vibrancy, pick one colour and then use it in a range of tones. For example, if you’re using white as your main neutral colour, compliment this with tones of brown and tones of brown and terracotta.

You can’t forget about greenery, no matter what colour palette you choose for your home. Greenery can liven up a space and bring in freshness. Greenery can add to the colours you use within a property, and it can lift the mood. You also don’t need to splurge on plants. Pick either real or fake plants and sprinkle them throughout the space to add that sense of liveliness.

A Mix Of Bold And Neutrals

Combining a mix of bright and bold colours with neutral colours is a great way to create a colour palette that remains interesting to buyers. When working with the principles of interior design, you need balance and flow. Colour can contribute to this. When you’re working with a neutral colour palette, you can still bring in those punches of colour through artwork, throw blankets, rugs or cushions. Introducing these pops of colour creates a level of interest, rather than the room or space falling flat.

Final Thoughts

Picking and choosing an effective colour palette for your home when styling for sale can be tricky. However, once you’ve chosen your palette, you want to stick with it and keep it cohesive for the entire home.

But if you’re still struggling with what colours to pick and choose to appeal to your buyers, then get in touch with our team. We offer a range of styling terms as well as a combination of partial styling, vacant property styling and integrated property styling to best suit your situation. With over seven years of experience in the industry, our team is here to support you in your selling journey. Get in touch with us today to have your property styled.

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