Decor Through the Seasons, How to Style Your Home for Sale in Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring

Decor Through the Seasons, How to Style Your Home for Sale in Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring

Today, we’re talking all things house staging with the seasons in mind in Brisbane. Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, factoring in the seasons is one of the many things we take into consideration when house styling. House styling is all about pulling on buyers’ heartstrings and creating a warm and welcoming environment where buyers can truly envision themselves in the space.

While it may not seem like much, elements such as seasonal decor can greatly impact this. How a house is styled in Brisbane should reflect the seasons, the area and the demographic of potential buyers. Styling pieces, such as decor and colours, have an incredible impact on what buyers will think of a property and how they feel when walking into one.

Why bother styling your house with the seasons in mind?

When property staging in Brisbane, we see our customers get caught up in trying to fill every space in their house and the colours and cohesion often get left behind. House styling is here to give you a terrific sale price and make people feel at ease when touring through your home in Brisbane. Ignoring the current season and styling with colours or decor pieces that aren’t reflective of this can seem out of touch and somewhat awkward. Taking note of what season it is and a cool or warm colour palette can go a long way when property styling in Brisbane.

Seasonal house staging in Brisbane

Depending on when you are selling your property in the Brisbane area, this will affect what styling pieces and decor you use. We’ve put together all of our favourite items to style throughout the seasons.


If you’re house styling for summer in Brisbane, this is your chance to bring out all of your linen and style with bright and fresh colours in mind. Listed are just some of our recommended go-to styling pieces when property styling in Brisbane.

  • Greenery
  • Styling with bright coloured accent chairs
  • Depending on the location, a coastal or Hamptons look
  • Use tones of blues, yellows or greens
  • Styling with fresh lemons or limes
  • Make use of fresh and light scents

Summer house styling in Brisbane is a perfect opportunity to utilise the powerful colour of white. When in doubt, use white as your base colour and build upon this. White is great for reflecting light and creating an airy and open effect within a space.


Moving away from summer and shifting towards autumn, this is where we get to bring in all of those beautiful autumnal tones. Autumnal colours are usually what you’ll see being on trend recently. These are rusts, browns and oranges. Below are just some ways you can introduce an autumnal feeling into house styling in Brisbane.

  • Use a combination of greenery and dried flowers
  • Create a colour palette using rusts, oranges, tans, greens, olives and browns
  • Use coloured glass to style
  • Bring in texture with a thick chunky knit blanket


House styling for winter in Brisbane is all about bringing in warmth and cosiness. Particularly with winter styling, you have to consider how your buyers are feeling. They’ll most likely be touring and viewing several homes, and the homes that are styled with beautiful decor pieces that reflect a sense of cosiness will have a lasting effect. If your potential buyers feel warm and cosy within a space, they’ll be more likely to look around and generally feel at ease. Listed below are several ways that you can warm up your home in winter.

  • Utilise rugs in each space
  • Add more cushions to create a comfy space
  • Use texture fabrics to style with, such as boucle and knit
  • Layer a variety of natural textures such as timber and faux fur


Finally moving into spring house staging in Brisbane. Spring is the perfect chance for you to introduce bright colours that still have a hint of autumn. Styling your home in spring is all about introducing a sense of freshness and liveliness into your house in Brisbane. Listed below are just some of the ways that you can introduce spring styling into your home.

  • Style with linen or cotton throw blankets
  • Use and play with a tonal green colour palette
  • Introduce patterns like checkers or stripes
  • Add fresh flowers and greenery

A note on trans-seasonal house styling in Brisbane

Although house staging in Brisbane is all about making your potential buyer feel at home, at Sell In Style Property Styling, we also understand that selling your home has plenty of hidden costs. While you need to purchase a few styling items here or there, you don’t need to spend a whole lot to achieve the desired result. Trans-seasonal styling is all about transitioning between seasons. If you aren’t truly dedicated to styling for each season, this is a great way to style and keep your budget in mind. Use a base of white and build upon this with neutral colours such as browns and olive greens.

Final Thoughts

Brisbane property staging is all about looking at who your potential buyer is and targeting them, all while considering the seasonal elements. House styling and property staging can often be overwhelming and an added stress when selling your home. If you’re feeling the pressure and looking to move out of your home stress-free, get in touch with our friendly team. We offer a variety of styling terms to suit you and your budget. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some inspiration, follow us on social media and read our blogs for all the insider info.

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