Pantry Styling: Here’s How You Can Style Your Pantry to Look Insta-worthy When Selling Your Home in Brisbane

Pantry Styling: Here’s How You Can Style Your Pantry to Look Insta-worthy When Selling Your Home in Brisbane

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If you’re selling your home in Brisbane, you’ll know how important the kitchen is to your potential buyers. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where families come together to enjoy a meal. A kitchen in a family home in Brisbane is potentially one of the most used spaces, so it’s no surprise you want to create an Insta-worthy pantry when selling your home. Today, our team has put together all our tips and tricks to help you create the pantry of your dreams when styling your home for sale.

Why is styling your kitchen and even styling the pantry, important?

It’s the heart of the home

When we talk about home styling and staging at Sell In Style Property Styling, we often refer to the power that styling has when pulling on buyers’ heartstrings. Styling a home in Brisbane can influence emotional decisions in real estate. The kitchen and as an extension of this is the pantry. We can create space buyers envision themselves in and use through styling and staging. We are making room for them to connect emotionally with the home.

Show Off your storage

Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, we understand how much a kitchen and pantry can impact your potential buyers. Your pantry, as much as it’s about making it look Insta-worthy, is also about the storage potential. This is key to showing off to buyers in Brisbane when choosing a home stylist or styling your home yourself.

How to create an Insta-worthy pantry when staging a property in Brisbane

Now, knowing how important a pantry and kitchen are when staging a home for sale in Brisbane, we’re diving straight into how you can create one when styling and staging your home for sale. This process will depend on where you are with your selling journey if you’re staging the home whilst living in it. No matter where you are in the selling process, these tips will still apply.


Like any cleaning project when selling your home in the Brisbane area, you want to start with decluttering. Having a cluttered and disorganised pantry is one of the most common mistakes people make when styling a home in the Brisbane area. Clutter, mess and overwhelming stuff can make the most beautiful pantries feel claustrophobic.

To avoid this and evoke these feelings in potential buyers, give your pantry a deep declutter. Throw away any expired products and condense whatever packaging you can. Starting with a decluttered pantry will make the next steps of property styling easy.


After you’ve taken the time to declutter your pantry, give your pantry a good clean. This step is crucial. You want to ensure you remove any food stains and any other built-up residue. Similar to curb appeal, first impressions have a huge impact on your potential buyer in Brisbane, so ensuring that your pantry is clean and organised will go a long way.

Organise whatever is left over

Now that your pantry is clutter-free and clean, it’s time to get organised. For those already out of the home, this is where Sell In Style Property Styling comes in. However, for those still living in the home, we usually recommend that our clients be off-site during a property install.

If you plan to style your home for sale, then this is where you can create the ultimate Insta-worthy pantry. This begins with organising whatever is left over from the decluttering process. Where possible, have everything off the pantry floor. Leaving your items on the floor can make your pantry feel more cluttered than it really is.

When organising, you have to remember that one of the facts about styling is that it isn’t practical. You want to organise your pantry to look Insta-worthy, which isn’t necessarily realistic. After you’ve gotten that terrific sale price, we promise you can organise your new pantry in how you would properly use it.


Now, we’re at our favourite part of the process: styling. House styling in Brisbane is what we do, and pantry styling is no exception. When styling your pantry, our team recommends using styling pieces that are kitchen or pantry-related. This can be simple items such as cookbooks grouped with a plant and salt and pepper shakers.

It’s important to remember here that when styling your home in Brisbane, you don’t need to spend a heap to achieve an Insta-worthy pantry. Stick to using what you’ve got or head to a store like K-mart, filling in the gaps with items and storage options you don’t have. Another great styling tip to use in your pantry is styling with fresh fruit. This can be a big bowl of citrus or pears. It adds a sense of freshness and liveliness to the space.

Final Thoughts

Your kitchen truly is the heart of the home. It’s a space that buyers will naturally be drawn to due to its emotional presence. Styling your pantry to look Insta-worthy is another way to elevate your property’s appeal. Styling and staging are how you create an emotional connection with buyers. When they do this, they’ll be more likely to remember the home, put an offer in or eventually purchase.

If you’re interested in having more than your pantry styled in Brisbane, then get in touch with us. Our friendly team is highly-experienced, professional and ready to help get you that sale price you’re truly after. We offer a range of styling terms and packages to suit your needs and budget. If you’re not ready just yet to have your property styled in Brisbane, follow us on social media and read our blogs to stay updated with all of the latest house styling tips.

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