From Blank Canvas to Masterpiece: Staging Your Home for Successful Sales

From Blank Canvas to Masterpiece: Staging Your Home for Successful Sales

Blank Canvas to Masterpiece

It’s no secret that a stylist’s dream is working with a blank canvas, and that’s why newly built and renovated homes are highly desired by home stylists given they require significantly less re-works than that of a dated home. Not only this, factors including modern layout, fresh paint jobs, quality maintenance are all features that will likely accompany a newly built home and can significantly influence the buying potential of a home for sale on the market, paired with effective home staging ideas. Additional factors including choosing the right furniture and décor for the home as well as investing in quality photography are also relevant factors to consider when ensuring your home emotes the ‘wow factor’ on the market. As one of Brisbane’s best home staging company’s, Sell in Style Property has put together five best styling practices when property styling your newly built/renovated home from blank canvas to interior masterpiece.

Less is more when it comes to styling elements

There is a vast difference between styling houses for sale that are dated then those that have been newly built or renovated. Newly built homes will require less styling elements because the home already ‘speaks for itself’ through its freshly maintained, modern interior design. Dated houses on the other hand need a little more love and attention to ‘lift’ the space and help transform the home from drab and dull to lively and enticing. For example, a newly built/renovated home might require basic décor elements that work to ‘add’ to the space, whereas a dated home might require a number of decorative elements to draw added attention to the styling capacities, so the focus is less centred around the home itself. Incorporating too many extra elements into a newly built/renovated home could work to detract from its features and make the home’s spaces feel over-the-top and impersonal.

Choose furniture and décor that adds value to the home

A newly built or renovated home is likely going to feel fresh, modern and ready to live in, so matching the right kind of furniture and décor to the theme of the home is essential for creating an increased sense of value to the property for sale. For homeowners or developers looking to sell their newly built homes in a more expensive suburb, increasing the property’s value with top-quality styling is extremely important for developing the sense of ‘luxury’ and marketability of the house for sale. Even seasonal themes such as styling a house for sale for the summer months or winter months is an important consideration when adding extra value to the home because of its ability to evoke a practical connection between the potential homeowner and the property itself. At Sell in Style Property Styling, our stylists are well-trained in selecting the right furniture for the right home through a number of considerations, including the area of the home, its age and layout and the buyer demographic of the area.

Accentuate the property’s best features

Accentuating a newly built/renovated property’s best features is essential to increasing its marketability and for evoking buyer’s emotion. For example, if the property’s best features are its generous living and dining spaces, then capitalise styling capacities on those particular areas. This could mean using large carpets and statement furniture to really maximise the floorplan and showcase its magnitude. On the other hand, if the property possesses some layout issues or has only been partially renovated, it’s best to bring less attention to those spaces or alternatively, style them in a manner that best showcases the space for what it is. For example, if the kitchen looks particularly dated and drab, incorporating a few extra ‘styling arrangements’ such as a cookbook, some plants and some household necessities like salt & pepper or a wooden spoon, could be a great way to draw attention away from the kitchen and to the space it offers.

Invest in quality photography

Paying for photography is often underestimated by sellers, however, it could make a world of difference when it comes to time on the market and potential sale price. Why spend money on staging your property for sale if you aren’t willing to capture it in all its glory for potential buyers to see and fall in love with? Newly built/renovated homes photograph particularly well because they are updated, modern and freshly painted – all elements that work to maximise the quality in which they photograph. When it comes to house styling for sale, audiences, in particular potential buyers and agents, want to be ‘wowed’ by the property and that’s why initial photographs of the home are essential for encouraging them to visit the house in person. At Sell in Style Property, we are particular on ensuring our work is photographed and edited with the uttermost of care because we believe in maintaining a high-level of quality for our clients and their homes for sale.

Case Study

The following links show two renovated Old-Queensland homes styled by Sell in Style Property Styling, both located in Banyo, QLD.

Link to Property 1:

Link to Property 2:

As you can see, both homes have been superbly renovated, featuring fresh paint jobs, updated furnishings, and freshly laid and polished floors. For both properties, our stylists opted for minimal furniture and styling elements, focusing more on ensuring the properties felt finished, homely, and balanced. Their sale prices are a testament to how renovated homes combined with effective home staging can add exponential value to the house for sale.

Property 1: Sold for $1,600,000

In property one, our stylists used a mixture of modern and rustic furniture to add interest and variation to the home’s ultra-clean, crisp interior. This property featured a particularly large, aesthetically pleasing kitchen area, with statement ceiling lamps and stone benchtops, so our stylists opted for minimal decorative elements at two focal points of the kitchen, topped off with a simplistic dining table display. Bedrooms were styled with simple, contemporary furniture and colours to allow the open blind windows and slanted ceilings to speak for themselves. A plain off-white couch and square white coffee table were used in the living room, accompanied by a simple cushion arrangement, a large reflective wall mirror and twin wooden chairs to give the space a simple, cosy feel and to allow the outside greenery to be the feature of the open space.

Property Two: Sold for $1,600,000

In property two, the home featured an incredible outdoor entrance area and garden and a large backyard surrounded by natural greenery and a cosy firepit area. For this reason, our stylists incorporated a simple outdoor setting for the main outdoor entertaining area, and two simple single chairs for the firepit area. As for the interior, the home featured high ceilings and a number of bold ceiling lamps, sheer curtains and a stunning wooden staircase, kitchen and outdoor area – topped off with open blind finishes in most of the home’s rooms which allowed incredible natural light through. To contrast nicely against the wooden finishes, out stylists opted for lots of fresh white furniture and lots of blue and green tones to pop against the brown and white interior of the home. Very few decorative elements and additional styling features were used given the home was very much a masterpiece in itself.

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