What is a Stylist Consultant?

What is a Stylist Consultant?

House Staging - House Styling

A property stylist consultant is the first point of call when it comes to booking in new home staging jobs and when it comes to assisting other stylists with staging a house for sale. They play an essential role in our company at Sell in Style Property and are responsible for ensuring client relationships are nurtured, developed, maintained, and supported during the entire process, from the initial consultation to the installation, to the closing of a job term. They are essentially the ‘first impression’ of the home staging company and therefore, it is integral that they are on top of all day-to-day business operations, including but not limited to client relations/consultations, enquiries, and quotes.


Likely the first interaction a client will have with the property stylist will be to make an enquiry about our services or to request a quote for a potential home styling job. It is the consultation stylist’s job to deliver clear, concise, and accurate information regarding our property styling for sale services, the ins and outs of staging a house for sale and of course, to quote the correct packages and package prices for the individual client/homeowner. In some cases, the consultant stylist will need to physically visit the property to get a clearer idea of the property’s layouts etc. and any other factors that may influence the quote price and styling decisions/capacities.

A consultation stylist is also responsible for ensuring the appropriate research has been undertaken to inform the styling selections for the job, upon a quote being approved and booked in by the client/homeowner. The consultation stylist will often use RP Data (Rich Property Data) to get a better understanding of the property’s history, including previous listings and transaction data, which helps stylists make a number of styling decisions based on the buyer demographic of the area and to ensure they match the best home staging ideas to the given home.

Install & Warehouse Duties

In the world of house styling for sale, a consultation stylist will often accompany the company’s full-time property stylists to assist with relevant jobs/installs. They are responsible for styling the property in line with Sell in Style’s policy procedures and brand values, and for helping support the logistics team to unload/reload the trucks for relevant jobs. Although their role mostly centres around the ‘consultation’ side of the business, they will often be called upon to act as a stylist during busy times and to ensure effective home staging standards are being upheld.

Both the consultation stylists and full-time stylists are also responsible for a number of warehouse duties, including making relevant furniture and décor selections, preparing toolboxes for upcoming installs, coming up with new and innovative home staging ideas, supporting the logistics team with packing/unpacking capacities, maintaining and supporting inventory systems, labelling relevant stock and selected furniture, and reviewing the company’s daily/weekend needs to ensure substantial awareness on upcoming projects and movements of the week ahead.

Home Staging - Home Styling

At Sell in Style Property Styling, we pride ourselves on having excellent customer service and being able to provide our clients with a positive experience from start to finish which is why we have employed a full-time consultation stylist to ensure homeowners and agents alike feel safe throughout the entire process; from the initial consultation to the end of the property styling service.

To get in contact with one of our consultation stylists, email us at sellinstyle.com.au or give us a call directly on 0432 436 567.

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