Selling Points: Highlighting Key Features in Your Staged Kitchen

Selling Points: Highlighting Key Features in Your Staged Kitchen

Highlighting Key Features in Your Staged Kitchen

A Kitchen Deep Dive: Part 2

In part 1, one of our kitchen deep dive, we looked at how to stage your kitchen and why it’s so important. If you haven’t had a chance, take a look over part one to get a feel for the importance of a kitchen and understand why we’ve taken the opportunity to dive into this topic over to blogs.

When selling and styling a home, you need to understand that you have to highlight key features. As much as key features within your home may stick out to you, there are certain things that we do in the staging world to ensure that buyers really notice them. Today, we are having a look at how you can highlight key features in a staged kitchen.


How to stage a kitchen when selling a house

Before we get to how you can highlight the key features, you first need to start with a clear, blank canvas.

Start with a clean and clear space

As we touched on in part one, having a clean and clear space is by far one of the biggest value-adds that you can do to ensure that your buyers love the space. While we don’t suggest coming and doing a complete overhaul of your kitchen. We do suggest giving your kitchen a good clean and, if you have the budget for it, investing in a professional cleaner before it is staged. Having your kitchen professionally cleaned allows your appliances to shine and also takes a lot of the work and stress away from you.

Identify key features

Once you have your blank canvas, it’s time to take a step back and identify the key features that you want to highlight within your kitchen. How you do this will be completely up to you. For those who have been in their home for a long time, you will understand and know what features make the house a home. For those who are unsure, chat with your real estate agent and those around you about what they believe to be the best beaches within. Additionally, chat with our team about what features will look and photograph best, and we can give you a professional opinion.

Create focal points to highlight key features

When you’ve decided on these features, you want to create focal points around them to highlight them. This is where we start to get into the actual styling process, and it’s something where a professional opinion is highly regarded.


Highlighting key features and staging a kitchen for sale

When staging a kitchen, it’s really important to make it blatantly obvious what features you want to showcase to your buyer. We’ve listed below a few features that we commonly suggest people use and also what we recommend when staging your home.

A large island bench

Having a large kitchen island bench is almost every person’s dream. For those who have a large island bench, this is a key feature that adds a huge amount of value, and it’s something that you definitely want to highlight when staging your home. To do this, we always suggest to our clients to keep the bench minimal. To truly emphasise the large space that you have within your kitchen, we suggest styling with a fruit bowl with some fresh fruit or some greenery. Less is more here, and it really shows.

Natural light

Natural light is another huge value add that people look for when looking to buy a home in Brisbane. Where you have natural light in your home, this is key to showcase throughout viewings and open homes. Particularly in the kitchen, emphasising that natural light by leaving your blinds up and ensuring your windows are clean best showcases the amount of natural light within the home.

Turn on all under-cabinet lighting

The great thing about kitchens and kitchen styling is that you can really showcase all of the additions that you’ve included within the space. When showing your home or chatting to a styling team about what you envision, always mention all of the little nuances within the kitchen. This can be anything from under cabinet lighting to any well-put-together joinery. Wow, these things may seem simple and small, but by highlighting them, you can show them off to buyers. All of these small details add up when showing a home.

Showcase storage

Storage is by far one of the biggest drivers that people look out for when purchasing a home. When styling your kitchen, you really want to showcase all of your storage, particularly within the kitchen. Again, this means you need to keep your space clean and clear, but also, don’t be afraid to style your storage and showcase how it could potentially be used.


Final Thoughts

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. It’s where families come together, and it’s where we know that a lot of buyers will be drawn to the space. Here at Sell In Style Property styling, we are passionate about creating a space that’s for your intended buyer. Our team works closely alongside you to create a well-staged and organised home, that’s reflective of who your potential buyer is.

Our team will chat with you about the key features within your kitchen as well. What’s in your home that we can highlight to help get you the best and most terrific sale price. If you’re interested in working with us and having your home styled to showcase its best features, then get in contact with our team. With over seven years of experience in the staging industry, we have a deep understanding of what our clients need and what buyers are looking for. Follow us on social media to see all of our past projects, and read through our blogs for the latest insight information.

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