Sleek and Stylish: Modern Kitchen Staging Ideas for Contemporary Buyers

Sleek and Stylish: Modern Kitchen Staging Ideas for Contemporary Buyers

Modern Kitchen Staging Ideas for Contemporary Buyers

A Kitchen Deep Dive: Part 1

If you’re looking for kitchen staging ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s no doubt that the kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is the one part of the home where the family comes together, and it’s your opportunity when selling your home to pull on the heartstrings of buyers.

Staging kitchens is all about creating an environment that your buyers feel comfortable in and can enjoy. When staging your home in the Brisbane area, you want to make sure that your styling pieces and methods are contemporary and modern to appeal to your ideal buyer. How to style a kitchen is something that we get asked about all the time, and we wanted to take the opportunity to put together two series of blog posts, taking a really good deep dive into kitchen staging ideas.

Why staging a kitchen is important

Before we dive right in, we really have to establish why staging a kitchen is important. Particularly those in your build homes, your kitchen is where you’re going to invoke the most amount of emotion out of your buyers. No matter the troubles that are going on in everyone’s life. At the end of the day. Everyone comes together and creates a new kitchen to enjoy with the family and friends. Because of the whole because of the strong emotion that kitchens create and can hold for buyers. It’s important to stage them correctly and highlight their key features.

Do you need to upgrade your kitchen before you sell?

One of the big questions we always get asked when going through the process of staging a kitchen is, “Do I need to upgrade my kitchen before selling?” For the most part, we always say no. There are several reasons for this. However, the first is that kitchen upgrades can usually be quite costly and can also take a decent amount of time. Instead of upgrading your kitchen, we recommend having your kitchen either professionally cleaned or giving it a deep clean yourself.

Having a clean kitchen is the blank canvas that you need to get started on your staging and styling journey. Particularly in such a high-traffic and used area within the home, ensuring that there are no food odours, stains, or any mess left around is key.

Kitchen Counter Staging Ideas

As much as we love all of the appliances within the kitchen, the area that is going to be easiest to Sage when staging a home yourself is the kitchen counter. We’ve listed below our kitchen counter staging ideas, and part two will touch on how to highlight your kitchens. Best features within your home.

Keep your kitchen counters clear

Keeping your kitchen clear and clutter-free is one of the biggest tips that we can give anyone when selling their home in the Brisbane area. Having clutter and mess in a home when you’re trying to sell can be really distracting for buyers. Where you can hide your appliances remove any excess clutter and anything personal from the space.

Add in flowers or greenery

No matter what room you’re styling within your home, adding a touch of flowers or greenery is essential. Whatever you choose to use will have the ability to brighten up a space, bringing life into it. This is even more essential in a kitchen as it adds that pop of colour or freshness. Brightness really brings the whole space together.

Style open shelving

One of the biggest mistakes that we see when people are styling the kitchens is leaving their open shelving completely bare. Open shelving is a fantastic opportunity for styling. This is where you can bring in kitchen-related items such as salt and pepper, olive oil candles, and cookbooks and really make the space feel warm and inviting.

Style in groups of three

When looking at the principles of interior design and tying this in with kitchen staging, you want to ensure your style in groups of three. Styling in groups of three simply means grouping items together to create a more cohesive look and feel. When doing this, you also need to consider height.

Have pieces within a group that are at a smaller height, medium height and larger height. This adds visual dimension and interest. This is incredibly important when styling your kitchen, as there are many flat surfaces within a kitchen. To combat these flat surfaces and areas, adding that layer of height and dimension with styling pieces is a really great way to brighten up the area.

Final Thoughts

Styling your kitchen can be a challenge. It’s one of the areas in your home when selling that you want to get right. For a lot of buyers, it’s an area within the home that holds a lot of value and could be a real driving force behind someone making a final purchase or putting in an offer. It’s so incredibly important to get your kitchen right and then use all those elements and have them flow through the rest of the home. If you still are unsure about how to style your kitchen, stay tuned for blog part two, but if you’re really unsure, get in touch with our team, and we can help to start your kitchen and the rest of the home for you.

Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, we specialise in creating homes that are styled and tailored to your ideal buyer. If you’re interested in how our team can help you with anything from styling an established property to giving a new build the warmth it needs, contact us. We work within a range of budgets and do what we can to accommodate the needs of our clients. To view our past work, follow us on social media and read through our blogs for the latest.

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