Tips on Staging a Home to Sell Quickly

Tips on Staging a Home to Sell Quickly

Tip on Staging a Property

Quick and easy tips for staging a home so it sells quicker than you can blink

Property styling can be the difference between your house being sold in a flash or spending too much time on the market that you wonder if it’ll ever sell.

Staging your home or property styling is one of the contributing factors to having your home sell quickly. It’s a huge reason why certain properties will move faster than others. However, other than staging or styling your home, there are a few tips that Sell In Style has put together so you can get a faster sale and make your home more presentable for auctions and walk-throughs.

Declutter and De-personalise

Let’s pose a question. If you were to walk into a home with a heap of someone else’s family photos, would you find it hard to imagine yourself in the home? Of course not; it’s someone else’s, not yours.

So the first step to staging your home is decluttering and de-personalising. While these may seem a little harsh, we promise taking down your family photos will help buyers to envision themselves in your home.


Your floors are the bones of your house, but they often come with a few scuff marks here and there. When you’re staging your home and can’t quite get rid of those scuff marks, your best bet will be strategically placed rugs. Take advantage of using furniture like a purposely placed coffee table to disguise imperfections.

Home Staging

Highlight Your Best Features

You really can’t make a first impression twice, and it’s the same for staging a home. Making a conscious decision to highlight your home’s best features is a great way to ensure that buyers see what they’ll love. Focus on the areas where you’ll get your return on investment. Think of areas such as your kitchen and key features of your home.

Create The Biggest Space You Can

When you walk into a home that is big, vast and full of space, it’s like a breath of fresh air. So naturally, you want to take advantage and create the biggest space you can with the area that you’re using.

If you feel that your space is a little overwhelming when you walk in, rugs are going to be your best friend. Rugs do two things.

  • 1. Bring warmth and texture to a space,
  • 2. Create sections within a large space, controlling how big it feels.

When you use rugs to section off areas, it immediately pulls the space or room together, giving a sense of unity. Rugs are a fantastic way to show potential buyers how a large space can be used to gently define areas within a space without needing to bring in large pieces of furniture.

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Hire A Property Stylist

What can we say? Hiring a property stylist is our best tip to get your home to sell quickly. It improves the value of your property and has the potential to increase your final sale price.
Along with the cleaning and exterior maintenance, having your home styled beautifully is one of the most effective ways for potential buyers to visualise themselves in your home.

What Next?

If you’re in need of some more tips and tricks on how you can sell your property, quickly read our blog or follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with all of the latest tips and tricks. Alternatively, get in contact with us to discover how we can make home staging a stress-free process.


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