Bathroom Makeover: Styling Secrets for a Beautiful and Relaxing Space

Bathroom Makeover: Styling Secrets for a Beautiful and Relaxing Space

Bathrooms can be a tricky one when it comes to interior styling, especially if the space is particularly cosy. Given the limited surface area in most bathrooms, it can be difficult to choose the right number of elements to enhance the space, and even more of a challenge to find the right ‘aesthetic’ of décor for your beloved bathroom. You don’t want to overcrowd the space, but you also don’t want to undersell it given a bathroom is a space you want to feel calm and content in, especially when it comes to crafting a vanity space that makes you feel powerful and contributes to the overall perceived value of the home! As one of Brisbane’s best home staging company’s, Sell In Style Property Styling has put together some of the best styling secrets for curating a beautiful and relaxing bathroom space.

What elements should you include?

Bathroom styling, as with any kind of styling, will always depend on an individual’s unique taste and preference. Bathroom styling, as a general rule of thumb, is usually simple and minimalistic, but effective in emoting a sense of serenity. We’ve put together a list of elements that we feel would best benefit a bathroom space and recommend grouping up to three elements where there is enough blank space.

Elements & accessories to consider using for your next bathroom styling:

  • 1. Aesthetic candles (particularly scented ones)
  • 2. Mini fake plants to add a pop of greenery
  • 3. Aesthetically wrapped bar soaps, hand soap or body lotion for a luxurious feel
  • 4. Soap dishes, toothbrush holders
  • 5. Face towels, folded towels
  • 6. Mini trinkets for a feature piece
  • 7. Mini bath brushes/loofas
  • 8. Jar of soak rose petals as a luxury, decorative element
  • 9. Small vase with flowers
  • 10. Mini vanity mirror
  • 11. Texturized bath mats
  • 12. Bathroom vanity tray
  • 13. Aesthetically packaged perfumes

You might choose to group a boujee hand soap and body lotion with a bath brush or transparent mini vase and flowers. Or you might opt for a scented candle, soap bar and holder, and a mini plant. Whatever your choice of arrangement, pay attention to placement and focal points so that the arrangement makes an impact when you walk into the bathroom. When it comes to property styling for sale, this is particularly important for ensuring potential homeowners are ‘wowed’ by the bathroom space so that they are more likely to visualise themselves living in the home and using the vanity space every day.

Remember less is more

In almost all cases of bathroom styling, less is more. You don’t want to make the space feel unpractical and overbearing, so choose wisely when it comes to the nature and amount of styling elements you choose. Particularly, when it comes to staging a home for sale, the amount of styling elements will depend on the bathroom space itself. A stylist would consider factors including the size and scale of the space, whether its dated or newly renovated and where placement of the elements would best fit. A bathroom that is dated and lacking in aesthetic will likely benefit from a few extra styling elements to draw attention away from the bathroom itself and focus more attention on the décor. On the other hand, if the bathroom has been newly renovated and features stunning finishes and a generous vanity, it will likely benefit from minimal elements to enhance the space, rather than take away from it.

Get inspiration from Pinterest & Instagram

If you’re still a bit green about how to best style your bathroom space, why not find inspiration from others who have smashed the brief? Simply type in ‘bathroom styling’ into Pinterest and you’ll be graced with several stylish bathroom arrangements. Or head to Instagram and type in #luxurybathroomstyling and you’ll find hundreds of wonderful ideas to assist you with your own selections! For tips and tricks from a valued property styling company, head to our official Instagram @sellinstyle_propertystyling for some industry-backed inspiration. Having a vision will make it a whole lot easier to go shopping for your bathroom goodies with a purpose, saving you time, money and stress.

It doesn’t have to be expensive.

The best thing about bathroom styling is that it can look ultra-expensive, but it doesn’t actually have to cost you the big bucks! Popular department stores like Kmart and Target sell a large collection of bathroom goodies and various mini décor pieces that, with the right styling, could look just as good as its expensive counterparts. Go to the stores with a vision in your mind about what you want to find and achieve and look for pieces that might work with that vision. Group them together, see how they look and feel, take pictures and visualise them in your bathroom before purchasing.

Above are three images of simple bathroom stylings completed by our talented stylists at Sell in Style Property Styling. In image one, our stylists have opted for a small potted plant, a soap bar and a clay liquid soap dispenser. The space is particularly small so this was more than enough elements for the area. In image two, our stylists have opted for a feature vase and plant given there was a decent amount of surface area, accompanied by a trio arrangement of body lotion, a soap dispenser and a candle. The elements sit neatly on a larger soap holder for presentation. And finally, image three features three small elements, a soap dispenser, tiny vase and plant, and a shell trinket. This area of the sink was particularly limited and so it required the least amount of elements. Two different coloured towels (one body towel and one hand towel) were hung over the railing to add interest and contrast. All three arrangements are relevant to the space and size of the vanity with attention to simplicity and practicality.

For more advice on how to style your home’s spaces, head to our website at Sell In Style Property Styling and navigate to our Blogs section or call us on 0432 436 567 or email us at

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