Benefits of Staging Your Property When You’re Selling

Benefits of Staging Your Property When You’re Selling

Property Staging and Home Style - Sell in Style

Discover the Advantages of Staging Your Property for a Successful Sale

So, why is styling your home a must-do when you’re selling? Well, the Brisbane property styling experts are coming to your screen with all the facts!

A question we often get asked is, “do I really need to have my home styled” our answer is “no”, but closely followed by “it’s what will make the difference to the final sale price”, and a whole lot of “buts”. It’s the addition of styling that can completely transform your home for sale. So while you can totally leave your home as a blank canvas, you’ll be missing out on a whole lot of potential buyers and that extra 5% – 10% to that final sale price.

Increase Interest

When you’re scrolling through Domain,, or any other property app and you see a beautifully styled property with gorgeous throw blankets, an oversized couch and all of the finishing touches, it’s hard not to take a look, right? Well, this goes the same for your home when you’re selling. If your home is styled to look like it’s out of a magazine, the interest in your property instantly goes through the roof! And with more interest, means more foot traffic through the door of your property!

Staging A House For Sale

Property Perception

One of the reasons our team works so hard is to create a positive perception of your property. It’s all about what your property looks like to the potential buyers and if it’s going to appeal to them.

So, when your property is styled, it’s made to look bigger, brighter and, our favourite, more expensive. It’s these positive perceptions that property styling can have on a home. As a result, buyers are more likely to put in an offer sooner and reduce time on the market.

Improve Your Marketability

Oh, marketability! It’s a word we love in the office, and we’re here to tell you why and what it means exactly.

Your marketability is how well your property appeals to your ideal buyer. When you work with us, we look at the surrounding demographic and areas and style your home according to these. We even pick the furniture based on who your audience is.

With styling, we can fill empty homes and stand out from the crowd appealing to your buyers. A home will naturally be much easier to sell if it’s staged and styled over a home that’s a blank canvas.

What Now?

Sell in Style Property Styling is here to be your property styling team that can help add that needed flair and style to your property. Our team works to help to improve things like your marketability and create appeal to your dream buyer.

Our team offers a free consultation to educate and show you how we can improve your home for sale. So, if you’re interested in how we help you achieve that sale price, get in touch with us today.

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