Home Staging for Different Seasons, Why the Seasons Can Have an Impact on Your Styling Choices.

Home Staging for Different Seasons, Why the Seasons Can Have an Impact on Your Styling Choices.

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When styling and staging your home for sale in the Brisbane area, you may notice that our styling choices change throughout the year in alignment with the seasons. We change our styling items like you change your wardrobe with the seasons. Our styling items go through a natural progression of summer through to winter.

For styling and staging to be truly effective, it has to be reflective and realistic of how potential buyers would use the space and home. This also needs to be shown through styling pieces and seasons. When the climate varies, our staging needs to reflect this.

Why do seasons have an impact on styling choices?

Similar to trends, we base our styling and staging choices around our environment. During the warmer summer months in Brisbane, we focus on creating an open and airy space, whereas during winter, we’re naturally drawn to cosy styling choices.

While we can have in-between seasons, more commonly known as transeasonal, we use the weather and trends to influence our styling decisions.

How do we choose what ‘theme’ to style a home for sale?

When we’re presented with a new client, we consider a range of variables when looking at what theme to style their home for sale. While we rely on seasonal impact, we also look at other elements.

  1. Firstly we start with who the potential buyer is. We look at the demographics of the area and utilise RP data to influence our furniture choices.
  2. Then we look towards the layout of a property, the focal point and the existing colours and textures.
  3. Next, we look at what colour palette we’ll use, whether warm or cool and also consider seasons.

All of these elements have to be considered to influence all of the right decisions in real estate. While they may sound like simple things, each of these has an impact on creating a great sale price and creating an emotional connection with the home for potential buyers.

Summer and Spring

Styling your home for sale in summer and spring in Brisbane is the perfect time to bring out all of the light and bright colours to complement the seasons. Of course, when we think of summer and spring, we think of lighter colours and free-flowing linens.

In the hot Brisbane Summer and spring, our team of stylists rely on lighter colour palettes to emphasise and embrace the seasons. So if you’re selling your home in summer or spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to be a little bolder with colour. You can venture out a neutral palette and bring in those tones of greens, yellows and lighter blues.

Autumn and Winter

It’s important during the cooler months that we bring in a lot of light. We do this by using whites, keeping the space vibrant and fresh. We’re conciseness about warming up space during these cooler months. To warm up your home and create a cosy vibe, we’ve listed below just some of the things you can do to cosy up your space.

  • Showcase artwork that includes both cool and warm tones.
  • Bring in colours of rust and sage greens.
  • Add in texture, using thicker, chunky throw blankets.
  • Go for warmer tones when styling.
  • Use organic-shaped styling pieces, such as vases and coloured glassware.
  • Add a few extra cushions than you normally would to fill the space.

All of these styling pieces and actions will create an emphasis on a warm and inviting space.


While we love a brighter palette and a darker cosy colour palette, what we love even more is a transeasonal palette! Transeasonal is all about a colour palette that can work no matter what time of year of the season. This is great to stick with when staging and styling your home for sale.

When styling your home for sale on your own, you may have to invest in bigger pieces like couches or armchairs. If you do, we recommend basing your buying choices on a neutral palette. This way, they can blend from one season into another seamlessly. For those who choose our service of integrated styling, you can rely on us to bring into those seasonal colours.


Cost-effective ways to style your home with the seasons

If you’ve ever sold your home before, you know that it can come with various costs that tend to keep popping up. When you have to add styling pieces on top of this, it can get expensive. While we recommend working with a company like Sell In Style Property Styling, we understand that for those who are budget conscious, this mightn’t be an option. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you style your home with budget in mind.

  • Less is more, don’t be afraid to take a minimal approach to styling and staging.
  • Grab a few pillowcases from Ikea or K-mart to best reflect the season.
  • Avoid buying any new curtains. These can be expensive and aren’t needed when staging your home for sale.
  • Read our ‘don’ts’ of home staging to discover where you can save big on styling items.

Final Thoughts

Working with the seasons and paying attention to the trends when styling your home for sale is key to achieving a terrific sale price. Styling and staging your home to be reflective of real-time living instantly make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Buyers are swayed when they can visualise themselves within a home, so staying with the seasons is a great way to influence this.

If you’re considering having your home styled for sale, then get in touch with our friendly team. With over seven years of industry experience, our professional team works quickly and efficiently, making styling and staging your home stress-free. But if you’re not ready just yet, read through our blogs for insider information and follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest.

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