What is RP Data and What is It Used for?

What is RP Data and What is It Used for?

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Rich Property Data (RP) refers to a subscription software that grants access to historic property data. The data is collected and released by property research company, CoreLogic, and allows those who pay the subscription to access valuable property statistics such as the relevant buying and selling history of a given property for sale on the market, how much it previously sold for, the year in which it sold, whether or not it was renovated, the year it was built, owner type and more. As a leading Brisbane property staging company, Sell in Style Property Styling uses RP Data to gain an in-depth understanding of the properties we are scheduled to stage. This ultimately ensures the best home staging decisions are made regarding the property statistics, buyer demographic and other relevant factors.

How does the property consultant use RP Data?

After a potential client has been in touch with our property consultant to request a quote for a job, the property consultant will then access RP Data for relevant information regarding the floor plan, property photos, the buyer demographic of the area and other factors that may inform the end quote price. The property consultant will use buyer demographic data to inform how the spaces of the home will be styled, for example, whether a particular space would best benefit from the incorporation of a study (more suited to older demographics) or whether a nursery might be the better option (for young families). The property consultant will then pass on any relevant information to the stylists that may inform their styling decisions. Property photos will give the consultation stylist an idea of the property’s depth and scale and the images of the floor plan will help them understand the layout of the home which will determine what size furniture will be best suited to the area.

How do the stylists use RP Data?

When it comes to staging a house for sale, our stylists use RP Data to inform their styling decisions for every individual property. This forms an essential part of their briefing process and allows them to make the best decisions when styling a house for sale to suit the home’s features. A stylist will look the buyer demographic of the property, the market competition of the area, the interior design of the home and its main features, potential obstacles associated with the home (such as its age, its renovation history, whether it has maintenance issues etc, and more. For example, the general age medium of the buyers in the area will inform the kind of furniture and décor selected by the stylists in order to best appeal to a potential buyer’s taste and emotion. Factors like window placement, layout and deck size will inform the size of furniture selected for the installation and how it will be placed in the space to best showcase a room/area and to ensure the end product represents effective home staging.

Real estate agents are, of course, also regular users of RP Data to inform how best to appeal their advertising to the respective market of buyers for the given property for sale as well as to ensure their client’s homes are valued at the highest possible price, which is often why agents will encourage clients to invest in quality property styling.

For further information on why you should hire an experienced property stylist and property styling for sale, please contact Sell In Style Property Styling at 0432 436 567 or email us at info@sellinstyle.com.au.

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