6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Interior Styling Brisbane

6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Interior Styling Brisbane

Thinking of DIY styling and staging your home? These are the 6 facts you need to know (from the experts)

If you’re selling your home in Brisbane and are looking to stage or style it yourself, Sell In Style has put together our top 6 facts that everyone should know about interior styling.

Home styling and home staging can often be overwhelming, particularly when you’re styling your own home. This is because you naturally have an attachment and have a way of already using your home.

But with styling a property for sale, all of the practicalities get thrown out the window!

1. Staging And Styling For Sale Isn’t Practical

When styling for sale, we completely ignore all the practical sense of a home. Hang on, stay with us. We know it sounds a little backward. But! When you’re styling or staging your home, it’s not about how you use it. It’s completely about how it looks and how it feels to potential buyers. A great example of this is we completely ignore where your TV outlet is. While we all love a binge, if ignoring it creates a better flow throughout the home, then that’s what we’ll go with.

2. We Style To Suit Your Lifestyle

Styling and staging your home for sale is totally worth it, but often we hear people putting off the idea as they think that it can be difficult and unrealistic to maintain. While it’s definitely not how people live day-to-day (we promise none of our couches looks like that 24/7), it is doable. During our consultation stage, we’ll ask if you have children or pets and chat with you about your type of lifestyle and then style according to this.

When we work with you, we find a balance between achieving the look of a beautifully staged property and one you can manage while still living in the home.

3. Rugs Have Impact!

We love rugs! Rugs are almost like our insider secret for creating spaces without the need to bring in any other additional furniture. They’re able to create purposeful sections, which means buyers can visualise themselves using the space rather than being overwhelmed by a larger space.

4. It’s An Investment In Your Marketing

Your marketing, a.k.a; how you go about selling your home and what you do to show people how great it is, is an investment. Styling and staging are just one part of that. While the initial investment can seem confronting, you have to give your property the best chance at a sale, which can be done through styling and staging.

5. Use Our Furniture

We could talk to our clients about this all day. We highly recommend having your home staged and not just for return on investment. But also to give the home a fresh and new look. Although you may have your own furniture that you can style with, you have to consider if it’s right for the space and, more so, if it’s going to appeal to your ideal buyer. By using your furniture, you’re limited in your choices, whereas Sell In Style has access to endless amounts of furniture options and knowledge of your audience to match.

6. We Love Double, Queen Or King Beds

Big luscious beds, styled beautifully, are totally in. When styling bedrooms, especially the master bedroom, opt for either a double, queen or king bed. While you may not use the space like this, it gives the illusion and shows buyers the potential of how the space can be used.

But, if space doesn’t allow for it, then by all means, add a single bed. It’s not about how you use the space currently but how your future buyer can use it.

What Now?

Well, now you get to styling and staging your home for sale! But of course, if you need more tips and tricks, we’ve got our blog and Instagram (we promise we share content you’ll get a laugh out of, too!). But if you’re really stuck and don’t know where to get started, get in touch with our highly experienced team to give your property the flair it needs. We offer a free consultation to get your styling journey started.

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