Part 2: Our Favourite Furniture Stores to Buy From When Styling Your Home in Brisbane

Part 2: Our Favourite Furniture Stores to Buy From When Styling Your Home in Brisbane

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If you’re planning to be your very own property stylist in Brisbane, you might need some furniture inspiration. Our team in Sell In Style Property Styling has put together a two-part series on our favourite furniture stores to buy from when styling your home for sale in Brisbane. As we touched on in Part 1, purchasing furniture is often part of the process when styling your home for sale. When looking at the things to consider before selling your home, how you stage and style your home should be one of them. Styling your home makes all the difference. If you’re living in your home while selling, or you’ve moved out and are waiting for it to sell, you’ll most likely need to purchase furniture. Come along with us as we give you part 2 of our favourite furniture to purchase from in Brisbane.

Oz Design

No matter the style of your house for sale in Brisbane, Oz Design has something for everyone. The beauty of Oz Design is the huge range of on-trend items as well as some classic staples that anyone can bring into their home, regardless of whether you’re styling your home for sale or just needing a refresh. It’s truly a one-stop shop, with everything from floor rugs to art to couches; there’s everything you can imagine. When you are either looking for a property stylist in the Brisbane area or planning to take on the project yourself, there’s plenty that Oz Design has to inspire you.

Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, we usually recommend and tend to go with a more neutral colour palette, and Oz Design is perfect for this. They have multiple colour palettes, from a tonal range to a more sleek and crisp colour palette.

Pillow Talk

Moving away from the rest of the home and into the bathroom and bedroom area, Pillow Talk is where you want to grab all your soft furnishings. Emotional decisions are huge in real estate, which comes into play when buyers walk into the bedroom. If you want the bedrooms in your home to be warm and inviting, Pillow Talk is one of our favourite brands to help make that happen. 

As much as Pillow Talk does great bedding, they also have a colourful range of towels and bathroom styling pieces. Often, in property styling in Brisbane, we see people neglecting the bathroom, and we’re totally against this. Your bathroom is a place in your home where you want people to see more than just a bathtub and sink. When property styling in Brisbane, take the opportunity to add those extra styling pieces, match your bath rugs with your towels and create an immersive feeling for potential buyers. We promise it helps make all the difference when looking for a terrific sale price.

The Furniture Shack

Whether you’re trying to improve your curb appeal or add to your landscaping, The Furniture Shack is the place to go for all things outdoor furniture. When property styling in Brisbane, as much as the inside of your home matters, first impressions count. This goes for facade styling and your backyard. When buyers walk up to your door or through the backyard, they see the effort that has been put in to create a warm and welcoming environment.

For some homes in Brisbane, this can mean a clean. However, for others, you may need to invest in some outdoor furniture, which you can then take with you to your new home. 

Depending on the area that you’re located in within Brisbane, outdoor furniture is also fantastic for embracing indoor-outdoor living. This is a huge selling point for most homes and is a beautiful way to transition from a blank canvas to successful sales

Robert Mark

For those looking around to find the perfect property stylist in Brisbane, if they work with Robert Mark Homewares, you know you’re in good hands. Although Robert Mark doesn’t sell directly to the public, they provide a huge range of brands through wholesale. This is anything and everything from occasional chairs, coffee tables, artwork, vases and rugs. Our team uses Robert Mark Homewares, particularly when styling living and lounge areas in clients’ homes.

Jash Homewares

Another one of our favourite wholesale furniture brands is Jash Homewares. If we ever want to add a pop of colour or fill a room with texture, this is where we get our furniture. In addition to this, due to our location in Brisbane, our signature style tends to be coastal. In combination with looking at the demographic of buyers, we pull these elements together with the help of Jash Homewares. Jash Homewares helps our team add another layer of personality to an apartment or vacant property.

Final Thoughts

We could go on for hours about our favourite furniture brands and stores that we love to work with when styling homes in the Brisbane area. When staging, the furniture you choose for your home greatly impacts how your potential buyers feel and usually their next steps in the buying process.

Our team at Sell In Style Property Styling does everything they can to ensure we find out who your ideal buyer is and style with them in mind. Although you may choose to do this yourself, property styling is a true investment in your marketing. There are several advantages to having an external company stage your home for you. It’s one less thing you have to think about when selling your home, and when your home is styled beautifully, it immediately gets more attention and makes it more appealing.

If you’re interested in having your property styled by our team of experts, get in touch with us. We cater to various budgets and provide different styling terms to suit you. However, if you’re still seeking inspiration, follow us on social media or read through our blogs for the latest insider information. 

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