Staging on a Tight Timeline: Quick Tips for Last-Minute Impressions

Staging on a Tight Timeline: Quick Tips for Last-Minute Impressions

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Staging your home for sale is one of the biggest tips we can give when selling your house. Staging makes it feel like a home instead of just another house, and it helps when you’re staging on a tight timeline. As much as we all wish we could have the luxury of time in real estate when selling and buying homes, things can happen much more quickly than expected. One minute, you start to pack up your home, and then the next minute, you’ve moved. While being prepared to sell your home is key, there are times when timelines are all out of whack, and you need a last-minute stage. Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, we’re used to working towards a changing timeline and understand that sometimes, it’s inevitable. We’ve put together our tips for staging and selling your house quickly.

Tips for selling your house on a tight timeline

Remove all of the clutter

Depending on where you’re at in the moving process, you may or may not be living in the home or have already moved into your new home. This can often make it a little confusing for people, as you don’t know what to pack up and leave out so your day-to-day isn’t spent ruffling through boxes. We always recommend to our clients to leave out the essentials, what you know you’ll be needing every day. Pack away those things that you haven’t touched in the last six months. By removing all of the clutter and your personal items, potential buyers can start to visualise your home as theirs. This is essential when showing your home and even more important when trying to make a last-minute impression.

Consider partial or integrated staging

For those who are in a time crunch but still know that the home will benefit from home staging, then consider partial or integrated staging. Our team has added each of these services to cater for the budget and those looking to create impact without having their entire home staged.

Partial styling i is where our team comes in and only styles certain rooms. We chat to you about what rooms are best styled so you can get the most value out of our service, but usually, we focus on areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom. However, these do change depending on the home.

Integrated styling is all about working with what you’ve got. This is where we use a combination of existing furniture within the home and bring in new furnishings so they blend seamlessly. Integrated styling is what our team excels at. We work together to pull in items that work cohesively within the space and create a uniform look and feel.

Revive your curb appeal

When looking for tips for selling your house, people instantly think of the interior and nothing but the interior. While this is what we focus on, we also recommend our clients focus on the exterior of their homes. Potential buyers will make their first judgement on curb appeal and the facade of your home. It’s what can leave them scrolling past your home or for them to book an inspection.

Curb appeal and reviving your facade is one of the last minute staging things that you can do that will completely transform your home. Curb appeal 101 is all about refreshing and reviving. All this takes is a week or afternoon spent in the garden tidying everything up. When you are looking for tips for selling your house, this is one tip that you can’t look past.

Ask for help

If you’re under a real-time crunch, it can often feel like you need to pack up your home within a matter of days. While sometimes this is the case, we often hear that our clients can feel like they are doing everything on their own. When packing your home, it’s a big job and can often be quite emotional. Instead of trying to do all of this on your own, bring in some help. Ask friends and family for a few hours to help you tackle a room or two. Yes, we definitely recommend enticing them with some takeaway, maybe a bottle of wine or slab or beer; this can make the whole process feel lighter and much more doable.

Help doesn’t just mean family and friends; opting for professional help with cleaners or landscapers is a great way to take the stress off. We always recommend our clients have their homes professionally cleaned the day prior to staging. This saves you from having to deep clean your entire home, and you can rest assured the home is clean and ready to be staged.

Talk to the professionals

If you’re looking for a last minute house stage, then talk to the professionals. These are our biggest tips for selling your house. Professional styling and staging are unbeatable in the dramatic difference it makes to your final sale price and the overall feeling for your potential buyers. Our team works quickly and professionally towards almost any timeline, so no matter how much you need a last minute stage, we can help.

Final Thoughts

Last minute staging can be done no matter what timeline you are on. Although it can seem impossible at times, last minute staging is all about getting organised and asking for help. Working with a team like Sell In Style is a great solution. We can help you create a home that your potential buyers will fall in love with. Our team uses RP data and demographics to see who would be interested in your home and create scenes within the home that have them in mind. If you are interested in having your home staged, get in touch with our team. With over seven years of experience in the industry, we’re here to help. In the meantime, follow us on social media and read through our blogs for the latest insider info.

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