Should I Empty My House Before Selling?

Should I Empty My House Before Selling?

When it comes to home styling Brisbane, one of the most common debates is whether or not homeowners should empty their homes before hiring a property stylist. At Sell in Style Property Styling, one of Brisbane’s best home staging companies, our property stylists believe that for the homeowner to achieve the best possible outcome for the sale of their home, that beginning with a blank canvas is the best way to go. However, we’ve put together the below blog exploring the advantages of emptying a house or leaving it as-is before selling so homeowners can make an educated and informed decision based on the best option for their individual situation.

Advantages of emptying your house

One of the biggest advantages of emptying a house before staging property to sell is that it can make the process smoother for styling companies to get the job done free of distractions and obstacles. Without any furniture or decor in place, stylists have a blank slate to work with and can style the home in a manner that works to achieve the best possible selling outcome. Although we offer integrated and partial packages at Sell in Style Property Styling, a complete styling will always be the most desirable option when it comes to minimising potential issues and contradictions that can arise when working around a homeowner’s existing furniture.

Another advantage of emptying the home before styling a house for sale is that it allows the homeowner to de-clutter and dispose of things they no longer need or want. This can be a great opportunity for the homeowner to donate or sell items that are taking up space, at the same time allowing the interior stylist the space and creativity to make the best styling decisions for the home and what it needs to best appeal to potential buyers. Plus, less clutter means less cleaning and maintenance, which can be a big plus for homeowners wanting to minimise unnecessary time and effort.

One of the biggest challenges associated with choosing not to empty a house before placing it on the market is that it can add another element of challenge for the stylist to create a cohesive design when there are a lot of external/contradicting pieces in place to work around. This can make it more difficult to incorporate new elements and make everything look intentional and create flow.

Advantages of leaving a house as-is

Emptying a home before placing it on the market can certainly be time-consuming and stressful for the homeowner to move all of their furniture and belongings out of the house, and many homeowners would prefer to undergo as little maintenance as possible. This is understandable given the process of selling a home can be overwhelming and stressful, but it is in our experience at Sell in Style Property Styling Brisbane that a little extra maintenance and work goes a long way when it comes to achieving the best possible selling outcome. This is not to say that integrated styling capacities won’t be effective, it’s just something for the homeowner to seriously consider before choosing the right package for their given situation.

It is true that leaving a house as-is is (minus obvious de-cluttering to allow stylists to do their job) means the homeowner is able to remain living in the home whilst it’s listed on the market and during the entire styling process and won’t have to worry about finding temporary housing or dealing with the logistics of moving everything in and out, which is certainly an advantage of integrated styling and an option we are proud to offer at Sell in Style Property Styling. We understand the added stress that it can place on the homeowner to have to entirely vacate the home before they have another temporary living situation in place. As a result, the homeowners will be able to avoid the added costs of external accommodation, storage and transportation fees.

Despite the small number of upsides associated with leaving a house as-is, we at Sell in Style Property Styling like to remind our relevant clients and agents that property styling is an investment, not an expense, and when it comes to showcasing the home in its absolute best light and to its selling potential, an empty house is the best way to ensure styling efforts flow and take the form of a targeted, well-rounded theme for the property for sale. We do understand, however, that in many situations the client is still living in the home and will not be able to entirely vacate the property until the home has sold. In these situations, we work around the client to the best of our ability to ensure the integrated job achieves a strong, succinct and impactful end product.

So, what’s the verdict?

In the end, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether or not to empty your house before a home styling project. It really depends on the scope of the project, and the homeowner’s overall vision for selling their home on the market, as well as their personal circumstances and situations. As mentioned above, at Sell in Style Property Styling we would advise opting for a complete styling package to minimise potential issues that can often accompany integrated jobs, however, we will always work with the homeowner to choose the desirable package for their given situation.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a stylist who understands the homeowner’s needs so that they can work with the client to achieve the best possible sale price and outcome for their home on the market.

FYI: A common question we are asked is whether homeowners are able to actually sleep on our bedding and use our furniture whilst it is installed in the home. The answer is yes. We ensure all bedding is thoroughly washed between jobs and that hygiene standards are adhered to at all times.

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