The Importance of House Staging in Real Estate

The Importance of House Staging in Real Estate

Importance of House Staging in Real Estate

Staging your home for real estate is one of the biggest secrets to creating interest and getting as many people through the door as you can. Here at Sell In Style Property Styling, we’re experts in transforming homes in the Brisbane area. Our team delves deep into researching who your potential buyer is and then goes ahead to create a space that we know they’ll love. Your buyers are who you speak to when staging your home for real estate. By staging, we can create a home that stands out in real estate.

Highlight your home’s best features

When you are staging your home or having your home staged, you get the incredible opportunity to highlight all of its best features. Staging gives you control of what you want to show off to your potential buyers and what might be best tucked away. A great example is highlighting a huge open-plan living area by carefully placing furniture to emphasise this. When we do this with houses in Brisbane, buyers are naturally drawn to the space.

In addition, we do what we can to disguise areas that don’t necessarily add value to your home. This could be a scratch in the kitchen bench or something that would distract buyers from being interested in the home.

Generate interest

House staging is key to generating interest in real estate. Through styling and staging, we can create excitement and buzz. As a result, your real estate listing will get more clicks, and the number of listing views will increase. This augments your chances of having a higher offer for your home. It’s these first impressions that make all the difference.

Increase the homes marketability

Similar to generating buzz around your property, staging your home does a huge amount for increasing the marketability of your home. How your home is staged with your buyer in mind will ultimately determine how it stands out within the market. When buyers are scrolling on or Domain, they are more likely to tap on a property that’s been beautifully staged or styled. Using staging as a marketing tool, you can stand out within the market and attract a wider net of buyers.

Creates a neutral personality

Through home staging and styling, our team comes in and removes all personal items and the majority of existing furniture. Although this can seem jarring for the sellers, we promise we do it with good reason. When you walk into a home, it’s important to understand that buyers need to be able to envision themselves living there. Imagine if the home is filled with family photos or sentimental items that belong to someone else. It can often leave people with a feeling of uncomfortableness and, more so, the sense that they are in someone else’s home rather than their potential new home.

Allows for an emotional connection to be made

When we talk about staging and home styling, our team often refers to the warm and inviting environment that it creates. By using staging to help create a comfortable environment, it gives buyers the chance to make an emotional connection with the property. Emotions influence decisions in real estate and can sway a final decision between buying or not buying a property.

Increased perceived value

Real estate is all about having homes sell quickly. Doing so reduces time on the market and reduces the cost of the overall process. When you utilise staging, your home is already more likely to sell quickly. However, another great benefit of staging is the increased perception of value. This is when the home looks and feels more expensive than what it might truly be. Of course, it leads to higher offers coming in.

In addition to this, staging gives buyers a chance to see the potential in your home. Using the principles of interior design, we can create focal points to draw a buyer in and have them focus on all of the home’s key selling points.

Removes stress from you as the seller

Regardless of achieving a terrific sale price or having your home sell quickly, home staging in real estate takes a tremendous amount of stress away from you. Real estate and going through the process of buying and selling your home is overwhelming. When you sell your home, you practically pick up everything you own and move it to your new home. If you were to add staging your old home on top of this, you immediately have a very stressful few weeks. Instead, by working with a team like Sell In Style Property Styling, we do all of this for you. Our team completes a home install within half a day and, once the sale is completed, comes and removes everything, leaving you to worry about nothing at all.

Final Thoughts

Home staging is a must to stand out in the real estate market. It’s how you can immediately appeal to a wider audience and reach as many people as you can. Staging is what’s needed to inject cosiness and warmth into a property so buyers feel comfortable in the home and can truly envision themselves moving into the home.

Sell In Style Property Styling is a tight-knit team of dedicated property stylists. Combined, our team has over seven years of experience in the styling industry. We work to various styling terms and budgets to accommodate every kind of customer. Our team is dedicated to making sure your property styling experience is seam-free and easy. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, get in touch with us. However, in the meantime, if you’re looking for some inspiration, follow us on social media or read through our recent blog posts for all of the insider info.

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