The Art of Colour Coordination in House Styling

The Art of Colour Coordination in House Styling

Color Styling A House

Styling your home in Brisbane is all about capturing your potential buyer, and one of the best ways to do that is by utilising a consistent colour scheme throughout the home. Your home’s colour scheme is much more important than you might think.

Colour has the ability to transform a home from feeling dull and flat to being inviting and warm. Yet, how you choose your home’s colour scheme is usually done through trial and error with a hint of frustration. We often hear our clients saying that something doesn’t feel quite right when they give styling their home a go. This can often come down to colour. Our team is coming to the rescue with everything you need to know about the art of colour coordination in house styling.


Why colour creates impact when styling your home for sale

Similar to creating an impact with your facade or highlighting a key feature in your home, colour is a huge part of interior design. Colour also has more of an effect than just aesthetics. Colour and colour psychology has a huge impact on mood and overall feeling. Choosing between a bold or neutral colour scheme for your home is the difference between buyers being relaxed or feeling stressed. The element of colour is crucial to get right when styling your home for sale, as it greatly influences potential buyer’s emotions.


If you’re looking to transform your space but still want to remain frugal in your budget, then your home’s colour scheme will be your best friend. In the majority of homes in Brisbane, we usually find white walls with a neutral carpet or floorboard. These are great to build upon.

Create ambiance

When styling homes in Brisbane, we often talk to our team about creating a ‘feeling’ for potential buyers when they walk through a home. This feeling is often referred to as ambience. It’s the overall ‘vibe’ of the home or the room. Colour and lighting are the two biggest elements that can create this within a home. A great example of this is using vibrant colours, such as pastel blues and yellows, creating warmth to complement the warmer seasons.

How do you pick a house colour scheme?

Now that we understand why colour schemes in your home are so important, it’s time to dive into how to actually pick a colour scheme for your home.

If you’re styling your home for sale, it’s important to note here that you mightn’t necessarily like the colours you choose to use or a company like Sell In Style Property Styling uses. Personal preference has to sit aside when selling your home. You have to appeal to your potential buyer rather than what you would personally like to see.

1. Start with a neutral base

No matter if you’re styling your home for sale or simply styling your own home, you want to start with a neutral base or colour scheme. As we mentioned above, the majority of homes in Brisbane have white walls and either a neutral carpet or timber floors. These are great starting points.

However, for those that don’t have a neutral base, to begin with, there is plenty that you can change to create a neutral colour scheme. These elements can be anything from your bed linens to artwork and even soft furnishings where you can avoid repainting any walls or creating too much of a drastic change. Although this may seem contradictory, this is something that can be quite costly and can be manipulated when styled correctly.

2. Pick two to three colours

Once you’ve established your base colour scheme, you then need to pick between two to three main colours. These will be the colours that will make up a percentage of your home’s colour scheme. When picking these, you want to think about a few different things. Take into consideration what colour items and styling pieces you already have and the ‘vibe’ that you’re going for. For example, if you want a Hamptons style, then a few shades of blue are going to be your best bet. However, if you want to add warmth and cosines for Autumn or Winter, colours like browns and olive greens will give this feeling. Take a look at a few examples below to see the theory in practice.

3. Add your coloured styling pieces

Your styling pieces are how you pull everything together. All of the finishing touches make the biggest difference when it comes to creating a homey and warm atmosphere. If you’re looking to introduce a bolder or more vibrant colour palette, then this is where you’d do just that. We recommend picking one other colour to bring in. From this one colour, you can use tones of it and style your home for sale. A great example of this could be choosing a warm orange. You can then bring in this through artwork, throw blankets or pillows.


Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that colour has an impact on your home when selling. Taking full advantage of this so you can achieve a terrific sale price is what it’s all about. Making all of these small changes throughout the home can completely transform the overall space and give them the space to make an emotional connection with the home.

If you’re interested in leaving colour and all of the principles of interior design to the experts, get in touch with our friendly team. We offer staging and styling for a range of different styling terms that suit your situation and budget. Our team has over seven years of experience in the industry and is passionate about styling a home that captures your buyer. However, in the meantime, if you need inspiration, follow us on social media and read through our blogs for the latest.

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